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And locally republican ryan castillo's announcement that he will not seek reelection to his congressional seat in chester county use the gop in a bit of a quandary more from kywz suburban bureau chief jim melwert brian costello blames the new congressional map and acoustic political atmosphere as for why now he says the timeline following the pennsylvania supreme court's new congressional map left him a week to make a decision so i had to get the signatures done just in order to protect the ballot against there being no candidate it's too late to add another name to that ballot and castilla will have to decide whether it's name stays on republican operative john kellerman says one strategy could be to keep castillo on the ballot and if he wins the primary the gop could then pick the candidate for november a primary election to ask voters to make what's essentially would be a proxy vote for someone to be selected by party leaders that's a very tall ask if castillo's name comes off the ballot the gop could either accept greg mcaulay as the candidate or try to organize a writing campaign at the suburban bureau jim melwert kyw newsradio and now the eyewitness weather five day forecast clear calm and cold overnight with a low of twenty nine degrees we'll start your tuesday with sunshine then turning mostly cloudy in the afternoon the high around fifty degrees a shower is possible at night mainly off to the west on wednesday mostly cloudy with spotty areas of light rain on and off through the day not a total washout but we'll see raindrops here and there the high fifty three wednesday thursday mostly cloudy and mild scattered showers around with an evening thunderstorm possible high sixty three on friday mostly cloudy and breezy with showers likely high sixty four and then we get the sunshine back then we trim something off the temperature saturday's high fifty five but it is seasonable to start the holiday weekend with a mix of sun and clouds with.

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