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She goes <Speech_Music_Male> <Speech_Music_Male> she <Speech_Music_Male> is <Speech_Music_Male> urging <Speech_Music_Male> congress <Speech_Male> which a real <Speech_Male> nice excuse <SpeakerChange> me <Speech_Music_Male> well <Speech_Music_Female> the defense attorney <Speech_Female> asks cairo <Speech_Female> what her real name is <Speech_Female> he <Speech_Female> argues that he wants to <Speech_Female> hear her legal name <Speech_Female> because among other things <Speech_Female> many people use <Speech_Music_Female> alias <Speech_Female> jamie power <Speech_Music_Female> what seems to see <Speech_Female> it differently <Speech_Female> she wants to make sure <Speech_Female> the cairo isn't mis gendered <Speech_Music_Female> in court <Speech_Music_Female> <SpeakerChange> <Speech_Music_Female> that <Speech_Music_Female> is extremely <Advertisement> sensitive <Speech_Music_Female> inappropriate <Advertisement> <Speech_Music_Male> <Advertisement> north <Speech_Music_Male> winds <Advertisement> <Speech_Male> she wants <Speech_Music_Male> to <Speech_Music_Male> run <Speech_Music_Male> for <Speech_Music_Male> <SpeakerChange> <Speech_Female> mitch kratz using <Speech_Female> this <Speech_Female> tactic he knows <Speech_Female> at this witness goes <Speech_Female> by tire <Speech_Female> at this point he's seeking <Speech_Female> to embarrass accumulate <Speech_Music_Female> <Speech_Music_Female> <Music> <Music> <Speech_Music_Female> did <Speech_Music_Female> you ever see <Advertisement> <Speech_Music_Female> kelly sto <Advertisement> <Speech_Music_Female> doing survival <Advertisement> sex <Speech_Music_Female> work <SpeakerChange> here <Speech_Music_Female> frequently <Speech_Music_Female> <Speech_Music_Female> <SpeakerChange> sex <Speech_Music_Female> work is work <Speech_Music_Female> survival <Speech_Music_Female> sex is <Speech_Music_Female> selling sex because <Speech_Music_Female> you don't have any other <Speech_Music_Female> options <SpeakerChange> <Speech_Music_Female> <Speech_Music_Female> you know a person <Speech_Female> who is albert <Speech_Music_Female> weather's do you <Speech_Music_Female> do you see him in <Speech_Female> today in both <Speech_Female> directions between <Speech_Female> indicate where he he <Speech_Female> didn't what he's married <Speech_Music_Female> <Speech_Music_Male> woman <Speech_Male> dreams claim <Speech_Music_Male> currently <Speech_Music_Female> <SpeakerChange> lead directly <Speech_Female> reflects is identified <Speech_Female> the defendant in this <Speech_Female> case albert <Advertisement> whether <Speech_Music_Female> <Advertisement> <Speech_Music_Female> <Advertisement> <Speech_Music_Female> missed <Advertisement> that you <Speech_Female> start taking <Advertisement> jason <Speech_Female> spencer whether <Advertisement> <Speech_Music_Male> <SpeakerChange> <Speech_Male> his attitude <Speech_Male> is like very <Speech_Male> like aggressive <Speech_Male> and kind of kind <Speech_Male> of intimidating <Speech_Male> like if you're one <Speech_Male> of those veasley <Speech_Music_Male> intimidated people <Speech_Music_Male> <Speech_Male> and i just don't like confrontation <Speech_Male> <Speech_Male> so <Speech_Male> christopher <Speech_Female> depends on who works <Speech_Female> together in this area <Speech_Female> do you discuss you're <Speech_Female> done <SpeakerChange> <Speech_Female> yes <Speech_Male> some latin <Speech_Male> forty two but <Speech_Male> we do like <Speech_Male> him or <Speech_Male> are singing or <Speech_Male> girl don't get that car <Speech_Male> you <SpeakerChange> did <Speech_Female> you and kelly interact <Speech_Female> regarding <Speech_Female> yeah

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