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Variations on the carnival of Venice attune. We know as my hat, it has three corners is by Frenchman Jean Baptiste album. One of the earliest masters of the cornet the cornet looks a lot like a trumpet both instruments have long metal tubes that are wrapped around and around. But the trumpet cube is a cylinder. It has straight sides while the cornet cube is a very long cone narrower at the top than at the bottom that cone shaped or conical to mix the cornet sound mellower than the trumpet. One of the cornet soloists in Patrick gilmore's band was Herbert l Clarke who wrote a lot of music for his instrument. Clark eventually moved on to play for John Phillips Sousa. Another star of the Sousa. Van was trombone est Arthur prior after spending time as Souza's assistant conductor. Prior left to start his own band in one of the pieces prior composed for his band, he turned opera melodies into ragtime music, which was very popular in the early nineteen hundreds. Another trombone player who started a band was Henry Fillmore..

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