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To the program cold boy scouts which is available for teens eleven seventeen so basically you can get into boy scouts at about what about fifth grade through high school the cub scouts program is for kids from kindergarten to about th grade it will not undergo a name change the name of the organization will remain the boy scouts of america now the decision to open the scouting program two girls last october was both a reflection of growing progressive attitudes as well as a business decision the boy scouts of america has actually seen declining numbers of year over the last like ten years declining numbers significantly in fact the organization says it has nearly two point three million youth members between five and twenty one just a few years ago it was two point eight so they lost half a million kids scary in a statement the boy scouts of america said more than three thousand girls of joined the early adopter program and are participating in cub scouts i don't mind that a child participates just don't like this issue of renaming when there's already a girl scouts and there's campfires and brownies and pixies and all these other other female centric organizations to merge them i just don't get it hey here's a big deal there was a molester is a molester out here and e we'll let ktv speaking of ktv jovi hill and team talk about someone protesting bail and i it's just disgusting this guy fiddling around with kids out here and now they're saying there's more and more and more and you always hear that just unnerving here's jovi hill from ktar dot com says no to reduce bail after emotional testimony about twentysevenyearold seth loggins the valley man accused of sexually abusing several children ktbs eleven daniela rivera was in the courtroom when families targeted their anger at the suspect the victim count in this case stands at eight six boys and two girls ages ranging from four to fourteen with the prosecutor said today they have reason to believe these children are just a sampling of the potential victims there were photographs of naked behinds of voice that we haven't identified they aren't named victims in this case i'm because we don't know who they are at this point loggins is being held on a bill that would require him to pay more than two hundred fifty thousand dollars.

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