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On somebody like booth and the NFL is just based off of where he is on some people's boards right now. Some of the plugged in media. So Andrew junior is an interesting conversation. There's some guys later on in the draft on day two that I think are interesting. This is a position where I would be really shocked if they don't take somebody in the draft at corner because regardless of JC Jackson situation, they just need bodies at that spot. And they need some bump in somebody with upside too, right? Because I think that Juan Williams, that ship has sailed. So they need somebody that could potentially come in here. And even if it's not right away, two or three years down the line can develop into a starting caliber corner. Well, I think we both know who that guy is. But we'll get to him in a little bit. I'll tear this like I did with the defensive tackles. And mostly focused on outside corners. They're good in the slot for now. You've still got Jonathan Jones under contract. I know miles Bryant had a rough go of it against buffalo, but I still think he's a good player. So first round, outside corners, first round, maybe realistic, this might change after this week. Andrew booth, junior, you sold me on him. You've given him enough rave reviews around Josh job. I think Josh job is interesting to me because a lot of the reasons he's not a first round pick are things that are going to be insignificant to the Patriots. He doesn't have a lot of scheme versatility. This is kind of the flip of what I talked about with Jacoby dean earlier. Josh jobs really only oppressed me in corner. So a lot of teams are going to write them off. Patriots want press me on corners. They don't care that he can't play zone. Right. So they might see him as a value And then the late round guy, I think the most exciting prospect in this draft, not the best player, but the most intriguing, exciting, interesting prospect in distract Evan, I hope we're on the same page with this. He's Tariq rolling UTS a I can not, I don't know what this kid is gonna be, but I can not wait to find out 6 four two O 5. There's rumors he's gonna run a four two 5 40 supposedly. Yes, some people think he's gonna break John Ross record. Well, supposedly he clocked a four two 5 last week working out, right? Yeah. So again, 6 four two O 5 four two 40 converted wide receiver we know how the Patriots love those guys who change positions. He sees the game through a receiver's eyes as a corner, he's very raw. He's incredibly rise, only played corner for two years. But you want to talk about potential. Is there a player with a higher ceiling in this draft outside of the first round than Tariq woolen? I don't know that there is. So the biggest concern that I have with Tariq, 'cause you gave all the positives of why he's a great prospect. The biggest concern that I have with him, watching him is how he plays with his back to the football and press coverage, right? So when he's playing with his back to the ball and he's trying to play the ball in the air without eyes on the cornerback, he loses the ball at the top of the catch point, right? So that leads to a lot of losses down the field that way. But then there are times where that speed just shows up in the open field or he just chases somebody down from across the field and you're like, holy crap, this guy can really move. So I like to equal in a lot for his upside as well..

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