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To you by U. S. heating and air conditioning after another warm day temperatures overnight will be steadily mild with lows in the fifties dropping down to fifty six degrees in Orlando and through the day on Monday gets even warmer look for a high of eighty degrees with mostly sunny skies from saline eye witness news a meteorologist Kissinger creamy such security triple team traffic hi for remain slow westbound right by colonial with delays reaching back to Fairbanks is bone is got a little bit heavier on the eastbound I. four is got a little bit heavier just passing up Conroy and still towards the attraction Jerry eastbound looking heavy by world center drive and westbound approaching the four to nine this report sponsored by little Caesars order your favorite pizza online and get it delivered delivery available from participating locations only delivery fees apply triple team traffic I'm Michael call ME AT news ninety six point five W. DPO this is channel nine Eyewitness News chief meteorologist Tom Terry this is where Orlando turns first for breaking news weather and traffic news ninety six point five W. DPO states Joe Kelly joined me for Orlando's morning news every weekday morning starting at five just ask Alexa to set an alarm and wake up to news ninety six point five W. DDL and when you get in your car listen to ninety six point five FM and I make sure to get you to work on time with triple team traffic and help you get around the changes from the I. four ultimate project now as the experts weekend continues news ninety six point five W. DPO the show was not a medical opinion and does not consent to doctor patient relationship come in here and say that Hey everybody welcome to the show this is those stages of life featuring one of my closest friends Dr David Klein of the stages of life institute it is just all provide for at four thirty four just a hop skip and a yodel from wherever you are listening to us today you want to call in and talk to the doctor now's the time to get on the line eight four four two two zero zero nine six five eight four four two two zero zero ninety six right now it's a medical show you have your privacy of your privacy so just call yourself Cynthia okay and we'll go from there already the calls are coming in Dr one of my good friends who shall remain nameless left church this morning and suddenly came down with the cold or the flu or the sun ever yeah okay it just seems like we have the coldest day yesterday almost on record today we're gonna be in the eighties yeah okay this is a cold is a this is a great gift when it comes to our first record alright the gift that hello does give all green you got it well it cost me my banana plants no no might be a it it wiped him out why didn't have tests out there you know keeping them warm weather because she was preoccupied doing other things and other places and so many events of the banana plants are now yellowed history okay they'll grow back so I'm not gonna mourn them yet okay wasn't hard freezers just enough to knock them down if it's not if it's not the cold it's the bare anyway what something essentially tearing those things down so I wanted to discuss today okay is this issue with the weather changes whether it's a hot cold cold hot hot cold cold whatever happens to be the change ability in the weather tends to reduce our immune system's effectiveness to fight off respiratory tract problems in most of these infections are viral but not all viral but most of them aren't the vast majority are yeah few of the more.

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