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Again lending a hand helping his relatives one last time and survivor Kylie shot in the walking the crutches as the family gathered to say their final goodbyes at the funeral service one of the sons of Donna Lankford eulogized her same when he first heard the news he prayed to god that an angel could save his mother and two little brothers that didn't happen but his father reminded him seven other miracles happen alluding to his brothers and sisters who survived this brutal attack let's bring in time to talk about it now from northern Mexico what were these families living there and this really dangerous part of Mexico right across the border will leave actually the cartel got there they are all of the fun of it Jack back left the United States they say after local just persecution but with your take a little deeper it had to do with the issue though look at me and and other factors that that they felt it would be or so they moved to Mexico other ancestry you I mean you go turn of the century and we lived there forever never repeat the scabbard he's communities NASA grant G. farms homes we're talking about hundreds and hundreds of families and then the drug cartels got stronger and stronger drug trafficking became one more prevalent the point now where the in these areas of northwest Mexico the drug cartels are complete the state and the family's tosses a are the law they believe what happened here was a rival cartel is at war with this little cart now that that will drop with card out and they think each family member work will start sort of a battle in this on going to a war how much a reality is this for the people who are Mexican actually living in this area is this something that is that and that has happened before that they have seen before maybe not with a family but with with people in general a lot of the families this is gonna line but people look at this we can argue statistics the cartels what they told the cartels will be check points there are long I will along it's now been packed your north west Mexico and point a lot of time to look at the good cocktails with the cartels do your day out at a hundred by look at crime violence but the way that it was just the cartels are in charge so instead of a police force being in charge the cartels are in charge and that's the way of life for both the back again and the bank of America to live there and finally do you think that the the that the police there given the history of this and the violence of these cartels will actually find someone and arrest them for these murders or will it just be another unsolved murder the sense we got from the families that they they they're not competent but the president of Mexico as obviously spoken about this and that there were a lot of military and police officials when we were there president trump is quite a lot of pressure on Mexico to find the killers but what we if you could eat what's collier's we're talking about a drug cartel they had several hours to get away yeah high powered weapons if they're all over this region we don't know we're not the week if they if there ever brought to justice okay ABC's Tom Jana some really great work there in in in northwest Mexico thank you so much thank you coming up a beacon of hope for the high schools inspiring rebirth on the football field on perspective after this.

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