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Hello and welcome to the podcast I'm Tracy Wilson and I'm holly fry today we are going to talk about to knock says she gay who was an inventor a craftsman and an artisan, and he also lived during a time that Japan went through just enormous cultural and scientific and technological changes. But like directly affected his life and his work so his story is about creating amazing and intricate works of Engineering and craftsmanship but it's also about witnessing and being part of just a dramatic shift in Japan as a nation and. Place on the world stage. Tanaka he's a she gay was born on September eighteenth seventeen, ninety nine in Karuma on the island of Kyushu in the southwestern part of the Japanese archipelago. This was in the later part of the Eto period also known as the Tokugawa period. We talked about this period in Japanese history a little earlier this year we did the Saturday classic on Hokusai which came out in January for a really quick recap though this lasted from about sixteen o three, eighteen, sixty seven, and it was a period that was known for its relatively prosperous stability Japan. Had An emperor but the nation was controlled by the took our shoganate and its provinces were ruled by feudal lawyers known as the Daimyo and Japan was also pretty isolated from the rest of the world beyond Asia. Japan issued a series of edicts in the sixteen thirty said expelled Christians and Westerners from its borders in restricted trade with other nations, it maintained trading relationships only with the Chinese and the Dutch Japan's only international trading port was in Nagasaki Senecas father was a craftsman who made accessories and ornaments from tortoise shells and as the oldest..

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