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Situated on the beautiful cable beach mar is a spectacular new resort destination. The Bahamas with your choice of three oceanfront hotels the Grand Hyatt SS Rosewood. This is the place to find your perfect blend of luxury relaxation and a lot of fun. Whatever you're looking for you can find it at Baja? Mar The Bahamas most exciting culinary destination. The resort is home to over forty restaurants bars and lounges ranging. From casual waterside eateries to high end chef driven dining experiences eleven glorious landscape pools acres of Pristine Beach Front and a soothing. SPA offer endless relaxation. While guests find thrills at bomber casino in array of high energy nightspots and at the royal blue the most acclaimed new golf course in be just a short flight from the US. Fifty minute drive from the airport. Bomb are is an easy getaway any time of year to book your next vacation. At one of the resorts three conaco tells and to explore winter specials including up to thirty five percent savings on your stay yes thirty. Five percent visit our DOT com. That's Baja Mar dot com B. A. H. A. M. A. R. Dot Com in every morning. I think you on great love you guys you guys either. The man of the hour I gotTa say we love it here in the Big Apple. It was hug him he was a very swing game. He's just a sloppy drunk to you. Take out missile. All right set up straight shoulders back in Hale. Deeply Excel Welcome to the day. It is Tuesday January seventh so what this morning ran into my closet and I just put my hand right there on the shelf. That has all my hoodies. Ladies and I grabbed a Hoodie in the dark. And turn the lights on. Britney Spears Hoodie so Welcome today high. Funky froggy scary now. Isn't it just great that I chose the Britney Spears Hoodie to wear today I wish I would have hit the Jonas brothers Hoodie obviously Britney Spears but he wanted to be worn today today. We don't have any guesses slowest down. We just have ourselves to slow down. We just say hi to.

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