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Women everywhere I know you're a feminist yes I am Wendy I know yes I am explain to people at the you know feminists just mean that people want to be treated men and women treated equally it's not that you're a man hater Christ certainly not all the friends of mine there's none of my family that men in my family for decades it no for awhile there was a common misspelled eyrie felt that if you if you if somebody was a feminist that that meant that they thought that women were superior to men when in fact it does not mean that at all it means equal to men as they said they are well now also made history today to women astronauts embark on the first ever all female space why excellent from the internationals not house of pancakes but the international space station why don't they have an I hop on ISS question U. S. astronauts Christina cook and Jessica Meier made history today they exited the international space station at seven thirty eight hours eastern time so what is that our time I'm not good at the conversion what is a seven thirty eight AM eastern time so it was seven and a half hundred hours thirty doesn't start at midnight no I know it's seven thirty eight AM that's eastern time what is it here it's an hour later here Hey so eight thirty eight they went out this morning I am not an astronaut I can't tell time and space an all woman in space walk was canceled in March do you remember why because this bothered me I don't remember the reason there was it was ill fitting space suit they didn't have that's three that fit the winner yeah isn't that terrible yeah astronauts see the sun rise about every ninety minutes when you're on the international space station I would take some getting used to admit it feel like boy A. today went really quickly I've got nothing done right their job this is again the first all female space walk ever in the history of ever yeah the job is to fix a broken part of the station's solar power network so they're handy yes I love this the pair of currently moving to the space station's P. six trucks trust excuse me at the fire and they began work they'll be replacing a failed power controller it's a five hour thing I don't know if there have wrapped it up but I know there was a live stream where you can watch what's going on I'm looking at it right now it's pretty cool I'm sorry cool a five hour thing it was streamed live on net by NASA is a landmark moment for female astronauts and scientists it makes you wonder if in the early days of NASA if they could of even gasped when something like this would take place if they probably sent out three where it's going to be that's hundreds of years in the future that'll never happen and here it is happening good and then the first American female space Walker who carried out her own mission thirty five years ago Kathy Sullivan her name's Cathy Sullivan yes that weird she was delighted by today's milestone a coke and Meyer are replacing battery units after they failed to provide increased power to the international space station the failure has not significantly impacted the crew or its mission but it definitely needed to be repaired lasts yet and cook who is set to complete the longest single space flight by a woman will remain in orbit orbit until February twenty twenty and then she will have been the longest woman in space that's the longest woman in space just serve the most time during long single space flight okay what do you mean that the longest women's space like she was you long somehow travels no but then remember when you come back to earth your body changes are you shorter yeah yeah I don't remember these are I can't believe it's taken this long for it's hard to imagine why did it take so I don't know and we've not had a woman on the moon yet that needs to change who's been who's the last person to go to the moon we don't know we still have announced they always said Alex Alice Kramden would go to the moon but Ralph used to threaten her and that was wrong I don't know who the last person on the moon was but is not been a woman yet now and they would not be afraid to ask directions guys who are always afraid as directions may I tell you the difference woman wouldn't need to write they just know somehow it's magical what is it I'm not kidding some of the biggest stupid fights German I get into it right because I use Google maps and he use is apple maps yeah and if I'm driving he'll go no take this way I said no my Google maps to show up yeah but I use this net but you're not driving right that is the one I'm residing gets to decide the weight shield travel yeah and to control which we write you listen to I think driver gets to decide and the routing yes don't you think don't you agree yes I'm trying to think if it's ever come into play yeah I think who's ever driving makes those decisions yeah but why is that and if the windows are up and down up or down this is your I don't know if other cars do this I drive a jeep and if you just have one window down somewhere in the car it makes a weird it's just the best Randy yeah it's more it is the back windows isn't it yes so it makes your car vibrate while you're driving it sounds like you are in an airplane ready to take on yeah and it's just the back windows and you'd think if they fix that I don't know and I am so frustrated and I'm so glad it's not just my car's a because it is it like that in all your current yes and don my youngest sits in the back and he he like I get car sick so he always seems to have the window down yeah and then we always have to open one in front to kind of make that noise go away because it's like that that that that that right I think that the daughter right and it frustrates the heck out of me but I'm sorry they have streamlined and change the the exterior of cars yeah it's worse because an old cars that never happened I know I know it is zero dynamic my **** what is it do they send that to GM and see what happens tell on that I don't know it's very confusing and it it doesn't like the rest of my family is not bothered by it but when you're just how it is the whole time you driving you can drive with that it like hurts your ears as a loud yes yes they have streamlined too much right alright so we've decided to whoever's driving gets to decide the songs will be played in the route in the route and whether or not any windows in the back or open so you don't get the vibrating noise right all right that seems fair but why is it is we were talking about the first one and space walk today that are made history yeah why is it that you guys won't ask for directions you will drive through proud hours out of your way for you to stop and ask directions to proud just to press and it's wrong needs to change behind that movement will yeah yes we'll take a break and then there's more show but first this everybody sit down if you think about it you spend a lot of time in bed about eight hours a night that's.

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