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Voice if you have a question for Senate majority leader, Mike Shuki who joins us live this after noon. It's good to have you here. I gotta tell you. He came in black tie because he's got a big event in west Bloomfield tonight. So I think this you're the you're the you're you get the best dressed award for the year. Thank you. Thank you. Well, I don't have very many after where soon I can have a date afternoon. So got to get dressed up as a wonderful thing. And we we're also joined by his lovely wife. Sue, they came over from came down. I ninety four they live over by Jackson. So you got a question about roads auto insurance Torney general Dana Nessel distracted driving the budget. All of those topics are on the Skillet today. And the man that has a lot to say about the priorities that the legislature undertakes is here. To answer your questions about them. Let me just ask one about timing. How close are we to seeing an alternative roads plan to governor Gretchen Whitmer? So I think unite talked about ten days ago, and I made a commitment to you that when we see each other on the island were you you're going to write I think I'll have some things to reveal to you then. But right now, we're still working on a number of parallel programs that are separate and distinct from the budget, and then also separate and distinct from a forty five seven gas tax increase. Why is it so important to keep the budget talks in the road talk separate because the governor wants to be joined together, she's they impact each other. Certainly, what do you think those are separate issues and should be treated as such it? Just my opinion guy that doing something of complexity like eight brand new roads package policy comp- in in. In addition to doing a budget at the same time. I think would end up tending to compromise both products. There's. A lot of negotiation. A lot of give and take a lot of compromise on just getting a budget done. You throw into that into that mix trying to negotiate a road package deal. And I think it ends up. You know, at the end of the day, you feel the time pressure and you start making compromises and you end up compromising both products. Okay. So are you going to announce it on the island or before we get there? No, no. I'm not we're not gonna know anything final or anything of that nature. But we will probably talk a little bit about more specifics of the kinds of options. We are looking at. All right. Well, we welcome your questions on this one eight hundred eight five nine zero nine five seven one eight hundred eight five nine zero WJR you can also provide input to the good Senator as they deliberate about this at this point. Have you had negotiations with the governor that have been it you've seen her plan? You certainly through the budget process. Let let her know what you thought of the forty five cents a gallon hike. Have you ever had a discussion Ray kind of negotiation as we work towards an alternative our plan is to work closely with our partners in the house, and and compromise and the Goshi eight a couple of the budget that we would then it would be the legislative budget, then give to the governor. And that would be when they negotiated when begin. Okay. So that's probably another about a month away. You know, do we have consensus with within the two houses about what is going to be needed to be raised in terms of you know, how much more revenue at I should say how much we're spending we need because could come through spending cuts. Do we know what the target is? Well, the Senate has a target of one point three million on top of the one point two that we've already secured to take the total new. Due to two point five the house is still grappling with what they think. The right number is. And but I don't think we're going to be very far off. Well, I know you're thrifty guy. And I think you're you've Freud just grabbed your tongue you said two point three million. I think you met billion. Yeah. That's correct. Yeah. Exactly. One point two billion. Plus one point three billion equals two point five billion. All right. We've got some calls. Let's get to them. And had no surprise auto insurances topmost everybody. My everybody's mind. And I think it was you that said that your number one legislative priority for this year. Let's go to Roseville and find out what's on Robert's mind this afternoon, Robert good afternoon. You've got a question for Senator Shirke. Yeah. You're going to get rid of this type. It's. Overcharge. Dollars stored away. Okay. Two questions in there. And I know it was a little difficult to understand. So let me translate you first of all he's concerned about Michigan catastrophic claims in the wapner of the fund that they're sitting on also Secondly, he's saying what are we going to do about getting rid of no fall because we've got hospitals over charging to the max, relative to what you would pay if you were just on your own health insurance. Let's let's take catastrophic claims, and we'll try to handle the other question other side of the break here. So back in nineteen seventy eight when Michigan voters passed the no fault laws that we have in place today. We sold citizens in Michigan, a very high expectation that is that if you get catastrophically injured, you're going to be taken care of four life with no limits that you can't go out guy today. New, and I can't go to an insurance companies say can you quote me a personal disability catastrophic policy, and when they get through all the questions that you want to they ask you the finally asked you how much coverage do you want, and you say unlimited and no insurance company would quote you. And so. It's been a bit of a fake coverage for forty years in. It's now come to the point where that MCA charge that only makes up a portion of the unfunded liability because we couldn't even come close to affording all of it. And it's going to grow dramatically if we don't arrest it. And so our plan is to offer drivers options on insurance that will give them opportunities to reduce their costs. And we'll our plan is to gradually closed down that MCA. So you would do you wouldn't take away the unlimited option, but you would get rid.

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