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Unless they're all the same position that i just rank them one to three or something right. But i i'm not. I know that there's other guys who think that way the way that you do. This is for a bigger conversation. Because i do want to have eventually one of these days. The conversation of like you look at the numbers for example. Are you voting for the who you consider to be the best defenseman of the nhl in the nhl or the defenseman had the best season because not everybody votes the same way. Like essentially what what. I'm what i'm getting at here. Elliott is i think there needs to be a redefinition of the trophies. I think they are too incredibly vague. Which maybe is a good thing. It leads to discussion and conversation. Like this. and people hating us for our picks and people hitting us for picks It's true it does lead to conversation. It's that Alfred hitchcock used to call them. I think it was frozen dinner moments. He would deliberately put something in a movie. That would feel an appear wrong or was like a rip in the script where something didn't make sense but it made you think about the movie until you got home and opened up your freezer to have a frozen dinner when you got back and force you to think about the movie all the way home. Maybe this is like an alfred hitchcock frozen dinner moment. I don't know all the other tile is podcast gonna be so this is a podcast. Where jeff gordon frank. Zappa and alfred hitchcock. The title of this podcast is everybody over. A hundred is gonna love this. And then as orson welles once opined Okay everybody you're speaking to my head brontosaurus and not told me. Yeah but let's get the flintstone references in here. All rights taken us out from academic northwest territories a legendary indigenous folk rocker. Willie thrasher now during an interview with the georgia straight thrasher recalls. His approach to music changed quote a remember one night when the cordell has banned at the time. Were playing a show. We were sitting down during our fifteen minute break and then an old man came out of nowhere. I didn't know who he was or where he came from but he sat down at our table and then he asked us. Why don't you write some innuendo music. Native music none of us knew about in you at music at the time because we are raised up through residential schools. But this old man. That i'd never met before started giving us encouragement to write music that way so i got very curious at then. I started writing stories and music about our culture from his nineteen eighty-one album spirit child which was reissued in twenty fifteen. Here's the title track by willie thrasher on thirty one thoughts. The podcast go cannot go yeah..

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