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<Speech_Female> He seemed <Speech_Female> for a while greatly <Speech_Female> to have terrified <Speech_Female> the rest but <Speech_Female> since his death the number <Speech_Female> of them so increased <Speech_Female> yea <Speech_Female> although we have had no <Speech_Female> laws which are <Speech_Female> great occasion of that <Speech_Female> breed for it is <Speech_Female> the custom of the more <Speech_Female> idle sort <Speech_Female> having once served <Speech_Female> orbit seen the <Speech_Female> other side of the <Speech_Female> under color of service <Speech_Female> to shake <Speech_Female> hands with labor forever <Speech_Female> thinking it <Speech_Female> a disgrace for himself <Speech_Female> to return unto his <Speech_Female> former trade that <Speech_Music_Female> except some <Speech_Female> better order be taken <Speech_Music_Female> or the laws <Speech_Female> already made better <Speech_Female> executed <Speech_Female> such as dwelling <Speech_Female> plan dish. Towns in little <Speech_Female> villages shall <Speech_Female> live but in small safety <Silence> and rest <Speech_Female> for the <Speech_Female> better apprehension. <Speech_Female> Also feves <Speech_Female> man killers. There <Speech_Female> is an old law in <Speech_Female> england very well <Speech_Female> provided whereby <Speech_Female> it is ordered that <Speech_Female> if he that is wrong <Speech_Female> or any man compaign <Speech_Female> and give warning of <Speech_Female> slaughter or murder <Speech_Female> committed the <Speech_Female> constable of the village <Speech_Female> warranty he come <Speech_Female> in craft for soccer <Speech_Female> is to raise the parish <Speech_Female> about him <Speech_Female> and to search words <Speech_Female> groves and <Speech_Female> all suspected houses <Speech_Female> in places <Speech_Music_Female> where the trespasser <Speech_Music_Female> may be or <Speech_Female> is supposed to lag <Speech_Female> and not finding <Speech_Female> him there he <Speech_Female> is to give warning onto <Speech_Female> the next constable <Speech_Music_Female> and so one constable <Speech_Female> off to <Speech_Female> such made to <Speech_Female> advertise another <Speech_Female> from parish to parish <Speech_Female> till they come <Speech_Female> <Advertisement> to the same where the offender <Speech_Female> <Advertisement> is harvard and found <Speech_Female> <Speech_Female> it is also provided <Speech_Female> that if <Speech_Female> any parish in this <Speech_Female> business do not have <Speech_Female> duty but <Speech_Female> suffered the thief for <Speech_Female> the avoiding of trouble <Speech_Female> sarkhej in carrying <Speech_Female> him to jail <Speech_Female> if you should be <Speech_Female> apprehended or <Speech_Female> other letting of their work <Speech_Female> to escape <Speech_Female> the same parish is <Speech_Female> not only to make fine <Speech_Music_Female> to the king but <Speech_Female> also the same <Speech_Female> with the whole hundred <Speech_Female> wherein it stunned earth <Speech_Female> to repay. The party <Speech_Female> rubbed his damages <Speech_Female> and leave his estate <Silence> calmness. <Speech_Female> Certainly <Speech_Female> this is a good <Speech_Female> law. How <Speech_Female> did i have known by <Speech_Female> my own experience. <Speech_Female> Felons being <Speech_Female> taken to have escaped <Speech_Female> out of the stocks <Speech_Female> being rescued <Speech_Female> by other for want of watching <Speech_Female> god. <Speech_Female> That thieves have been let <Speech_Female> pass. Because <Speech_Female> the covetous ingredient <Speech_Female> parishioners would <Speech_Female> neither take the pains <Speech_Female> nor be at the charge <Speech_Female> to carry them <Speech_Female> <Advertisement> to prison if <Speech_Female> it were far off <Speech_Female> that when human cry <Speech_Female> have been made even <Speech_Female> to the faces of some <Speech_Female> constables. They <Speech_Female> have said god <Silence> restore your loss. <Speech_Female> I <Speech_Female> have other <SpeakerChange> business <Speech_Female> at this time. <Speech_Female> And by such means <Speech_Female> the meaning of many <Speech_Female> are good. lawry's <Speech_Female> left unexecuted <Speech_Music_Female> malefactors <Speech_Female> emboldened and <Speech_Female> many a poor man <Speech_Female> turned out of that which <Speech_Female> he has sweat and <Speech_Female> taken great pains <Speech_Female> toward the maintenance <Speech_Female> of himself and his poor children and family.

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