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You will and says this is who we are at this is what we want to be and these are our responsibilities as professional football players and men so and todd bowles talks about uh you know deactivating darren leave because he wants to treat them like a man because apparently is acting like a child and not showing up for saturday morning practice for being late for that or he wants to hold out muhammad wilkerson a quarter because he was late again for meeting you know that's treating people like men and everybody in this locker room is talking about how todd bowles is doing it the right way now meanwhile in the other walk rome ben mac do basically was more severe with his family's he actually suspended guys without paper she didn't show up but but but that's but i'm just saying you this but the losing has something to do with it the way the team looks on the field has something to do with it and i would have fired everybody after that dealt with higher after losing to the forty nine ers i was joe rookie quarterback you genetic crap on the field watching their offense that was listless and going out there are losing to a winless forty nine or team are you kidding that we said liman san francisco all the time and yet even meeting where everybody got fired and that's that's the me were the discussion about alaya quarterback started can't lose for that team with a rookie quarterback discussion will now the discussion really was more about guys not playing and man aged et les ally apple not coming back matter bounds and jars jenkins getting beaten quitting and not wanting to tackle that's what that conversation while ads were all of that started real leaders don't let that happen well what out on a field of whatever you want to some it's really hard to hold your teammates accountable you know you got to worry about yourself first and foremost and when you're not playing well and your teammates around you are now playing well and you're only putting of 17 points or ten points who are losing to a rookie quarterback led san francisco forty nine a winless team you know what ends up happening you really don't have any leg to stand on yeah.

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