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Mike i cannot figure out if this is the kind of game with the broad and forms the raptors like they beat them by twenty five thirty points just to let them know hey you have no chance mississippi is a four seed represented by jim harbaugh looks like the little league baseball coach who rips line drives at five euros during infield practice neil's got us down your toes when the ball breaks the third basements knows or does lebron allow the raptors to destroy the cavaliers at cleveland's home court kinda give them some false confidence at a number one valer gone from the nfl t jay cutler looks like the crooked cop who's annoyed by the questioning of his new squeaky clean partner ryan tannehill i'll tell you what's number three is out of the tournament no more oregon it's an upset no it's not it's to louisville in the computers buffering number three oregon is out andrew luck looks like the atypically large high school freshman who always seems to have to to fish stuck in his braces after lunch damore derails to marquette has advanced luck looks like a kid that can be found at any junior high school in america explaining this very moment the difference between a terrarium and aquarium to an uninterested group of his peers he's got a minute scene middle tennessee middle tennessee middle tennessee throws up k looks like the bank teller who is unable to hide his excitement as he tells you that you were charged a thirty dollars overdraft fee for not only each transaction but also each failed attempt at a transaction and there's larry guy enough of doing it in the regular season even know tonight the regular season game to louisville advances in the nfl t prostitutes for everyone brad stevens looks like the guy who wears a jersey over his buttondown shirt and nba game and his new bench the raptors have i mean what's that band's name of seven four breaks down golf next donlevatar matt damon used to be a part of my life and i came on here and i told the story that happened at matt damon's house and i haven't heard from damon sent and i don't blame him still god's matt damon values is privacy so i'm telling story watching game football game matt damon's house and bruce willis call.

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