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Nasty winter storm is bearing down on the west coast right now sure to cause holiday travel delays CBS's Danya Bacchus at Los Angeles International Airport the wet weather comes as a record breaking number of people begin traveling this holiday season according to triple a nearly a hundred sixteen million people will travel between now and January first an increase of four point three million people one utility electrician on the west coast nature when census talent as you know so wait and contain it and try to work around it CBS meteorologist Jeff there a deli that rain will shift from the Pacific Northwest into California and the whole system will start to break up but it'll probably produce a couple of feet of snow in the Sierra Nevada and then bring some snow to the Rockies intermountain west ski resorts will be happy with the outcome of the next couple of days much of the country can expect pleasant weather though throughout the rest of much of the week all no snow is in the forecast for the east eastern third of the country CBS news update I'm Gerry non this is a Bloomberg market minute Marriott's could lose its status as the world's largest hotel operator by early next year to a budget hotel giants based in India founded six years ago audio is the second largest hotel company with more than one and a quarter million rooms on four continents including North America Bloomberg's Brett B. again says audios founder retention auger well started as a nineteen year old budget traveler and says this is terrible all these hotels have roaches foam blocks from mattresses these twenty six now is worth more than billion dollars his audio hotel chain is aiding seventy to eighty hotels a day doesn't own any of the hotels it renovates and re brands them and shares the profits oreo uses.

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