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Complex had 14 50 Rockville Pike. You won't be disappointed, or you could visit them online at BMW Rod Phil dot com Bob in one W T O be traffic Well, Hurricane Zeta just came ashore in Louisiana. We'll be getting a lot of that rain. Here's Emilia Drape. The National Weather Service has issued a flood watch for the region. This will be in effect starting tomorrow morning at 5, A.m. and running throughout the entire day. Coming to an end at 11 P.m. will be in storm team for weather alert mode tomorrow as rain moves into the area after midnight tonight will have temperatures tonight and tomorrow near study in the fifties and low sixties. Rain will be heavy at times tomorrow and we'll pick up 123 inches all of this due to what will be the remnants of Zeta combining with the winter storm system. Still, some scattered showers out there Friday morning. We look to be mainly dry for the second half of the day on Friday, with highs Friday in the low to mid fifties, will have breezy winds tomorrow and dusty wins on Friday. I'm strong Team four meteorologist Stimulate a Draper right now. Temperatures air hanging around the 70 degree Mark Oxon Hill now 69 sterling checks in at 71. We are sitting at 71 in Northwest. His chest into the W T o P newsroom as we just mentioned Category two, Hurricane Zeta just crashed ashore in storm weary Louisiana. It's another blow during a very busy Atlantic season, There is a danger of life threatening rising waters that'll be moving inland from the coast line. There's a lot of risk down there right now will be following all of the developments as the storm continues moving through the Gulf Coast states, So keep it here on W T O P. We'll have more as we go through the after. Noon 5 11 Now, with nearly 74 million votes already cast. There is a lot of focus.

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