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They're not willing to compromise even if that loses the money so that gives him a little bit of i think it gives it some durable value but those at the same idealogues i think are going to limit bitcoin's ultimate utility because they won't compromise so the longterm value of bitcoin absolutely fascinates me yeah yup it's kinda similar to the whole free software opensource differences of opinion right you know the views of some that the free software people would need them it is because that the ideologues typically you know they're anyway you know what i'm talking about move on it i've something is equally confusing did you know the come piece of forums still exist and they're gonna be closing down next month apparently did not i could't believe this what i read about it it turns out that so compuserve was acquired by aol in 1998 yup ailing about address his while the one want a while now a us except myself well aol is now of off oh father that that is that his napa horizon and yeah parody deforms have just been around for a while and they're just going to dwindle than the shut them down on december the fifteenth i couldn't believe that there was still go home forms there was copies are read somewhere abou how in like 1998 or something i o l little competition on one of the priorities walls lifetime free doyle up someone is still at large love now in their fifty six some when oldham you purchased things you know they this is now part of the oath data center they've got subway i four six pc with a motive plugged into because they are obliged to keep output i.

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