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NFL's one joy Taylor is joining me, and it's been a fun show. So far, James Jones. Aaron Rodgers buddy. Former Packer was great today. Joe bach. Joel Klatt in fifteen minutes. I'm going to have on a former Bronco former Jetta former titan briefly patriot Eric decker just retired. And his wife's like a country music star. I believe and actress country music star, she and actress or just a country music star were both. Okay. She's both and he just retired from the NFL. So I'm sure you've got great stories. We're going to ask him about his career and the jets, and what's it like to play in Denver, which is an amazing amazing. He was with Peyton Manning. So all that coming up later and best for last. We're going to give you the greatest snubs in sports history. There's another one going on right now. But lebron. Had his first Laker practice yesterday. And it got me thinking sometimes some people are made to feel special. Gophers have always felt special. Golfers make money, it's expensive to be in a country club, you go to a golf club. There's Mercedes-Benz and BMW's in range Rovers a golfer walks into a club. He feels pretty special. He's got money. He's got his own locker. It bothers some golfers that Tiger Woods doesn't need golf golf needs. Tiger woods. Tiger Woods is hovering above golf. There's golf and Gulf is fine. And then there's Tiger Woods who doesn't need the sport. But when he comes back and is good. The galleries explode they quadruple in size the ratings go up three hundred percent. Golfers have always felt pretty special about themselves. Have they not they're nice BMW drive up to the country club. But the sports kind of dying. It doesn't get ratings anymore. Even the masters is down tiger. This is special Gulf has always been told they're special and it's the same with the Los Angeles Lakers. The Los Angeles Lakers beat LA Wilton, Jerry West our players alot. Go our best player, Jerry West. He's a logo Orlando had shack. We get them. We got Kobe. We got a player named magic Lakers have always felt special. And then LeBron James arrived in town and yesterday, a Laker reporter asked LeBron about if he how he expected to earn the loyalty. Prove his loyalty to the Laker fans. Watch this exchange. Fan.

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