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Real question is, is it a violation of the law? And the answer is probably not because Washington DC is a one party consent area. So I listen, you know, my feelings about this. This is one of the most disgusting filthy moments I've ever seen in the history of politics. Orosa should be shunned from public life forever, but I'm seeing I'm just telling you because we try to report the facts here as best as we can. I don't think she broke any laws because it's a one party consent state. And if she hits the record button, she's the one party you track in that phobia. Now, if she had done it in Florida. In Mara Lago. She'd be in a world of trouble because Florida is a two party consent state. So if I'm Orosa has any recordings in mar-a-lago I'm Orosa who doesn't appear very bright by the way may be in a world that trouble because she may have committed a crime. And remember it's not where the recordings made its where both of the both both both both of the parties are. I had a reporter once called me from New Jersey, true story from a conservative outlet. I'm not kidding goes to show you how little Joe journalists. I'm using the dreaded air quotes. Know and I said to him, are you recording this? He goes, yes. I said, you can't record this. I didn't give you permission. He goes, yeah, I'm in New Jersey. I said, what does that be? He was in New Jersey. We have where one party state I sit, it doesn't matter. What are you that stupid. I was furious. I said, brother, delete this right now. It wasn't. It was just thinking that political. I just don't like being recorded at all. Unless I give you my permission. He didn't know it's the gut both parties have to be in a one party can sense the, he didn't know this. He had no idea Skype as a journalist. He had no idea. He goes to his credit. He he was like ham, very sorry, reasonably coffee. It doesn't matter if you delete her. It was anodyne conversation anyway, but. He was apologetic afterwards. He did not know. I'm like, you may wanna look that up in the future dude. So when I'm trying to say is even if I'm Orosa was in DC and Trump called our from our Lago or or eight 'nother two party consent state Orosa maybe in a lot of trouble. But I'm not very bright. So I don't think she figured a lot of that out. That makes sense. Joe, because I'm getting so many questions and I forgive me for not answering them individually an Email, but I figured out address on the thing that about three or four times as a matter of fact, yeah, cool. Federal law in a federal criminal case, one party consent applies. You're going through the federal system, a federal agent. It doesn't matter where you are. You can be in Maryland. It doesn't make a difference as long as they're not prosecuting you through the state court system federal laws. One party can send twelve states have two party consent. If you want to use that state you digital system, it is currently illegal in those twelve states outside of law enforcement and other exceptions. When I told you federal law enforcement other things, it is illegal to record some without their permission. It only matters where both parties are not where the guy making the call, the woman making the calls while I was in a one party can sense. They doesn't matter doesn't matter. How 'bout that I'm not sure I'm Orosa knows that, but we'll figure that out in the coming days. Okay. Got another great story by Chuck Ross is a good one, and I'm going to try to squeeze in some quick to bunking here too. But today show also brought to you by buddies at brickhouse nutrition, hands down best nutrition supplement products on the market. No question about it yesterday talked about field agrees, my wife, my wife said, hey, we should reach out to miles because we'd be, I'm not kidding. By the way. I don't make this stuff up to sell. Listen, I love miles and everything, but we only deal with sponsors. We like and I've had them forever with us because I always get really terrific reviews..

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