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Come on ray because i locks at long nailed. It powers carries lose niagara elisa cow gazes the theme deal with it anyway. What about you like. I said did you give it a great. It's a class iago. Give it a see. I mean like you said the plot was kind of meandering and like i said the art could have been touched better. I don't know. I expected more from komo on an ex-man in here come on average. This might have been their first number ready for marvel that kind of daunting. It's self respect. The broke come on exactly a all right. So yes Well before we go next time we'll next week. We'll be back for comic capers more daredevil their double to ninety one three two nine six Yes and the next. No fear daredevil will be back next week guys thank you. Thank you very much over here all week. Anyway and in two weeks. Back with wade's world. And yes. It is dead pullback in black so just like in the end of this issue yes next. Time that pullback in black oh and then yeah for the rest of the year were were ending round the year out with all daredevil. And here on wayne's world the after back in black will be doing deadpool's. I two miniseries the circle chase since the past several jerk that nobody ephron rob polio know. I know there's a help him wasn't anything's probably spider. Cast night here. This is your safety all right anything else. Yeah no feedback from ray. This time. He's prepared prepared to resort podcasts. Spend time with his family now. he's no raised. The man he sends us tons of feedback helps return the favor of yes. Some of us have been sending him feedback on a regular basis. It's on my resolution list for twenty you more feedback. Oh my lord just send him audio. Like hey ray ray ray. Here's a here here. I use the long feedback for seven minutes talking brunei. I don't know what even for ray couldn't go seven minutes array. Maybe we'll see l. You're going to have to tune in to the into the night theme to find out that's right. Listen to Ways world that will podcast and into the night pocket all right but anyway yes sponsors. Next time next time that will back in black. You know what happens when you mix that porn venom. Through may shock it. Throw a bunch of the eighties moral references. But anyway said your thoughts on that gets on your thoughts on this Anything and everything capes lunatics at gmail.com or voicemails. Six one four three eight two two seven three seven six one four thirty capes and remember to follow wade's world online facebook twitter instagram follow. Go join all of our shows. Oh hey we gonna merck with mouth. Deadpool facebook group. Go join us there but you can find links to all. It's all of our various shows. Merch patriots on the my friend. That's right. The youtube channel goes scribe links to everything all the one place. That's linked tree l. a. n. k. t. e. r. dot ee slash capes lunatics and. Remember to support our sponsors tweaked audio here every bad pun on this episode. Get yourself some tweaked audio headphones and reported home. Pickup hunter killer. Great means you're hell if you want to go like a true with mount get yourself escape room in a box and solve it use. The code cell is fine. Ask use the code southgate for both those. And then go pick up pod life the book now volume on now digital paperback. The audio book is coming in volume. Two is coming so get the original going amazon in to that. And when you do use the code for southgate media group right down there in the show notes because the port this show southgate media group network and that man pulling the strings in the background rob master doom southgate make it rain so says master do. Why did your i drift over to. My box is the only other bucks on the show on twitter. You can find me on twitter atlas fire if you're insecure with the cool kids in hip grandparent's family at will suffer innocence for boring stuff like smoothies dog bottles and also for all the means at low profile. Sixty nine if you are talking you know as you do. Nowadays you finally at low health sixty nine follow like subscribe all that good stuff. I'm twelve favourite meal. Kids pickle actually hit him. that's what i hear. I review their doggone eggplant Oh i did look pretty big words and then mission accomplished all right are saying yes thank you i probably really. I love other show. I the other show. I do effort zero commonsense. We will see you next thursday or was it tuesday..

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