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Three and to the cow to andrew mccutchen trianon comes in and he's outside with fastball we walked him same result as the nineteen last night when touching was able to coach walk from china this is not a safe situation by the way we got that added run that meant there was no longer a chance for trenton do atta save to his record so here comes buster posey buster also drew a walk against china and last night tried and tried to wrap this up for sean mathias his game to win athletic six giants to in the last of the ninth one out one on the pitch do buster called strike of the outside bosie has lined out to right shutter struck out and granted out the second hole for three in this game hitting two eighty nine for the year friday giants and as at the coliseum across the bay now a fastball in for a strike and its own too giants have not announced any canada rotation for the weekend series in oakland neither have the as here's the pitch bosie tops one foul just a wicked looking sinker ninety six miles an hour running in towards the play and running off the plate down around the knees i'm not sure how buster managed to get a piece of that one to the cow brandon crawford is dang buster posey whose name to the all star team voted on by the players themselves but he's not going take treatment on that hip and he swings and misses at a counter strike three two down giants vinyl hope is the starting shortstop for the national league allstars here in two thousand eighteen brandon crawford crawford heading to washington after the game eighty nine major league baseball allstar game first time it will be in washington since nineteen sixty nine and in that all star game the national league one and willie mccovey and the giants was the mvp the all star game he hit two home runs against the american league there goes mccutchen and crawford pops afoul back out of play the second deck fans stood up made the catch strike one to crawford who has doubled down the lafayette line and scored a run single and struck out two or three today mccovey hit one home run it was such a long one at the old rfk stadium in washington in that all star game it hit the lawn jeans clock well beyond the outfield wall put a hole in it now the pitch swing any house into the batter's box came up hit him in the leg strike too couldn't tom boswell to the washington post that whole remained in that clock about a baseball sized hole until rfk stadium quit being used as a sporting venue.

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