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David Campus 17 of nine. Hawks. Also credit with 23 hits six of those by Mike Hardman in his NHL debut, 63 deputy over the Blackhawks to send it back over for the third period call with Jonah Troy. All right. Thank you very much. Chris, Speaking of Hartman, he is on the ice is going to start this period Talks going from our right to our left here in period number three, trailing by three looking to try and That's the lightning mandible quest. We have words will not return tonight. Tonight's game. A right to risk injury is basically what we suspected. On that way. Here is Johnny Gore hit by Hartman, right in the hot glue wine door, dumps the puck down the board behind the Hawk Atlantic. Alec will spin it out to center ice for the backhanders shit takes the puck, lightning line passing and Lake Coleman. Crossed the hot line of the right wing and topped up the fucking Duncan Keith, who sent it on the left wing at center ice for Hardman, he was checked. Lost the puck. Coleman Spencer. They had the Gord You know where the hotline right point, you'll put the puck down in behind the heart. Yet Keith will carry out from behind the end of the pass of the left wing per Hartmann and runs into turn acting goes down. The Keith grabs the park put it over the counter. Back to Keith Circle to the left of Steuben. Then back over to county right wing center. Ice, shot the puck into the Lightning zone on Hedman, who had deflect off his body will go back and get it behind his head. Put it up there, right Wing by Rabelais Center Ice Senate across the rink into the hot zone came along the right wing boards lost to the good road, put it to the slot by Rabelais with a wrist shot, just say made by Superman. Now, Riley Stillman lists the puck down ice into the lightning zone in front of their net Heaven. Gotta just in front of Patrick Kane hustling play Mike Conley to tip it away from plot. But then the Lightning get it back by Rabelais in on the hot Zone. Right point, Kansas down the boards it behind the net came will grab the puck behind the hot net. There's your door off near circle. Send it across the rink, Philip Currie Chev along the right wing boards, and he'll swing it down behind the hawk. Enter Riley Stillman Holding it. There is the Hawks assemble for their breakout stillness. Outlet pass hits Doc in the skates short of the Lightning blue line at center ice and Deflect down in behind the Net. Vasilevskiy put a pass of the left wing alarm Thursday. Center Ice Hawks get it back! Ox skates right into a check down the left wing in the Lightning zone. Got the puck to Hagel. Fires from the corner Stick Save Made by Vasyl Lasky. Keep turning in the high slot. Well, Backhand one tour. The Net picked off by Ryan McDonagh, Lightning defenseman to center ice. Don't sit down left Lakeside Hawk's own Cirelli racing in to get it carries behind the hawk headed to the near corner and counter took the puck away from him. Buried behind the Hawk has been passing a crisis to flex down the left wing side into the lightning zone in the corner to drink it here, rolling away from two lightning players that became entangled with put it went down. The strong steals the puck out near the left point gave Stillman put it in front for the break in. I need to flex it wise to the lightning, yet Matthew Joseph the other way for Tampa Bay for center, ice locked line, Drop Pastor put firing from top of the right circle. That's why heaven fires from the left point that's blocked in turn of the hawk yet help out From from that could be late breaking into the landing zone down the slide. He shoots and a six save made my vassal asking Kubelik hustling got it back turning in the high slot. We'll wing it toward the lightning that blocked by Hedman on then Kubelik took the puck back of the right point. Trying to send it led point leads over the blue line, the center ice and then Kubelik brought it back into the lightning zone. The Hawks are a side on this place. 16 47 left in the 3rd 63 Tampa Bay by an excellent opportunity there for Kubelik to cut the lead to only to clean cut break away all the way from the center line and Is to make a quick pack. Quick shot through the pads of the big goaltender, vassal, Stu, just kind of out weighted dominant Kubelik. Great positioning didn't give anything to Kubelik and We tried to get rid of that releases quick as possible, and that's that's Leslie. Not quite in position, but Could save by the Big goaltender. Hartman steps in wins His first NHL drop back to Keith that senator ranks and he winds the puck down the boards in the lightning zone in the left wing corner. Hardman there bumped off the puck by circuit Judge and he'll head to the Hawks bench. He may have got circuit chest shoulder pads in the face. Noble Maybe. Yeah, came up from surgery kept coming into the hot zone, adorable under a board fed into the slot off of good Rose stick, and this bounces down into a hot priests were Suman will plant from the bucket. Hold it Get a whistle stopping play with 16 20 left in the third game of the black and white ultimate jerseys the Blackhawks are wearing tonight We'll be back again all week. Long is the Blackhawks take on the Florida Panthers this Thursday and Saturday. Don't miss your chance to pick up your own. Can the code on your screen now to shop, the entire collection of archives, jerseys and apparel at C B h shop dot com. Either Love these Jersey arc. They are cool those of the classic ones, the 34 38 Black hawks that won Stanley Cups. I believe they wore these sweaters.

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