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Jaylen Ramsey called in sick on Monday for work Jeff and Justin Anderson was on our show little roshi guaranteed for me she's she's told me he is absolutely sick okay I believer and is also called out now for paternity leave his wife can have a baby and he and Doug runs agreed you can stay out well I believe it's a second child is is born but children's also god chastity to be traded from the Jacksonville Jaguars and I got I got a kick out of this headline right here Jalin Ramsey figured out a new smarter way for NFL players to hold out. goes on to say J. Lynne Ramsay by calling in sick and. asking out for paternity leave figured out something that escaped Melvin Gordon and Trent Williams never Melvin Gordon held out for sixty four days with the Los Angeles charge treat Williams still isn't reported for the Washington Redskins in both lost millions of dollars reporter Melvin Gordon lost something like nine hundred and ninety eight thousand dollars and three games were the paychecks and a crude something like one point two million dollars in fines for missing the off season how much of that they'll actually imposed on Melvin Gordon and wait to be seen but at least a million dollars in investigating checks for Melvin Gordon entrant Williams losing money as we speak by not showing up to the washer Redskins but Jaylen Ramsey he's figured out something here. right court is headline he's got a new smarter way for NFL players to hold out Jalin Ramsey figured out something that I would imagine I don't know a decent personages you listening or watching on ESPN news figured out a long time ago and might even be doing today. I don't want to go to work I'm calling in sick. Jay Z.. yes. if our aim our player. if our our our players can do no wrong player empowerment area doesn't read some sort of absurd tipping scale it has it this is got to be it. I mean I hate to break it to the writers are low. people calling in sick for a long time in getting their paychecks. people are doing it right now listen to this show. he didn't reinvent the wheel here he just figured out if I say I have the Sniffles they won't dock me my paycheck I don't have to go. I we we would jump in the commercial break is this the next deadline for jailing Ramsey. J. Lynne Ramsay figures out you only need one subscription to Netflix among your body's. yes once again. these are things that kind of were common place unknown right. we're all gonna share the password is figure out just because Jan Randi's doing here doesn't make him some new pioneer. and how to do a new smarter hold out. he he he figured out. if you don't tell the truth you don't get docked pay maybe really is sick I'm kidding I'm point is I'm getting at is lying in exactly knew if he's doing that are calling in sick because you want to get paid isn't exactly new maybe we need to tempt the brakes a little bit on our celebration this new..

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