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New provider is selected new york state senators are holding meetings at the governor's mansion as they negotiate sexual harassment policy for the state wnyc's karen dewitt says the meetings are closed to both media and the public when i had the private meeting in the governor's office at the capital reporters could wait outside and ask the leaders as they come out well what did you discuss do it says that's not the case with this administration governor cuomo does not do that he doesn't meet with the press and now that there is a mansion we'd there's really no access to finding out exactly the details of what they're discussing before male senators tasked with making sexual harassment policy are expected to announce their proposals later this week and gubernatorial hopeful cynthia nixon is an albany blasting governor cuomo for being what she's calling a bully and likening him to president trump the sex in the city actor turned activist says cuomo campaigned on eliminating corruption in albany then abruptly shut down the commission tasked with investigating it most new yorkers would tell you he's cleaned up all buzney about as well as donald trump has drain the swamp nixon through further jabs at the two term incumbent for his reliance on wealthy donors and for pushing through that anti sexual harassment legislation without including female lawmakers cuomo's office has not returned to request for comment according to the latest estimates from the census bureau more than two hundred thousand apartments across new york city's five boroughs are sitting empty reporter and author robert new worth says that's about the same number of housing units is the whole borough of staten island he wrote about what he calls the vacant city in an op ed in the daily news we've been functioning on the idea that if you create more and more and more supply rents will somehow come down or apartments will be more apartments will be made available on the market but it's not happening there about sixty five thousand more vacant apartments today than in two thousand fourteen when the survey was last conducted apartments can be empty because they're being renovated or are only used part of the year but in about thirty thousand of those cases it's not clear why the apartment is empty mostly sunny skies today this is wnyc at seven seven support for npr comes from a mark foundation supporting procon dot org a nonprofit website examining pros and cons of controversial issues procon dot org.

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