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To do. Y'all got scared for a minute because house like are people gonna look at me differently. What are they gonna think. But i'm so thankful. I'm thankful for your pushing me and continually letting me know that you know you guys appreciate What i do. I'm getting a little emotional. Because y'all are like family to me you know besides my immediate family. It's like you guys. Are you guys are family to me. And what does family family loves one. Another family supports on another family pushes each other to be the very best. Y'all push me. And i really appreciated and as it relates to checking in this whole brand of checking in mr to get people literally checking in i see the dams i see. You are telling me about the as see you guys checking in telling me about how the book is making impacting your life. And that's all i care to do you know when you've been at a job for years. And at your annual review your boss gives your promotion to the new hire and when you try to talk to your boss. He shuts hugh out now. I can't say that that's happened to me. A person order to where that has happened to but for me. Personally i can testify to times where i can. Maybe say that. I didn't feel like i was being heard or you might feel like you've been overlooked or ignored. Well let me tell you. At and t. Here's you in fact. At and t. Has made sure all of their customers now. Both new and existing get the same great deals. No matter if you've been with them since your first ringtone or you're looking to jump at. At and t. Everyone gets promoted to the best deal. Checkout smartphone pricing for everyone at att dot com forward slash best deals restrictions and exceptions may apply. Why is it that the oldest child grows up with strict rules but the younger one gets away with everything. There's no way you would have been allowed to do that. It's like your parents are playing favorites. I mean i have a baby sister. And i can testify. That that little girl she got away with saul much. But shouldn't everyone get the same treatment. At and t. Gets this and that's why they've been giving all of their customers both new and existing the same great deals. Yeah everyone gets the best deals on every smartphone. No playing favorites whether you've been with. At and t. For years or you're just starting to think about switching visit. Att dot com forward slash. Best deals to learn. More restrictions and exceptions may apply. This is miami's own dj ef n. Co host of the drink champs podcast on the black affect podcast network and iheartradio every week. Norian i sit down with the most legendary artists producers and icons in the music industry and the culture at large so if you like to hear some legendary stories learn some hip hop history or just wanna have a good laugh. Make sure you go to subscribe to drink champs on the iheartradio app apple podcast or wherever you get your podcast. Is willie deep bay. Small here to share some new info about i new podcast. Ghetto boys reloaded each. And every week we bring to you episodes featuring some of the most iconic figures in hip hop politics entertainment and more. You don't wanna miss it. Each and every monday. Listen to the ghetto. Boys reloaded podcast on the black effect. Podcast network our heart radio app apple. Podcast a wherever you listen to podcasts. I wrote this book checking in to those willing to go through. The journey of transformation even pie has is to continue pushing you for your own journey on of for your transformation in it takes work you know and i think the phase of the journey that i mean of my transformation journey is just staying the course you know. I've done tons of therapy. I still do therapy. Weekly sometimes bi weekly. It just kinda depends on what's going on. I know when i released the book. I was in therapy every week. Because i just wanted to make sure that was staying peaceful and i had. I had an outlet. I had my therapist to talk to. If i had any concerns about what was going on she is the bomb. So what phase of my on this journey astill process with my therapist and that doesn't mean something is wrong. That doesn't mean i i'm still. I'm ben i'm finding depression. You can talk to a therapist to not only process pain but the process transition to process your fears or anxiety about a decision that you have to make. Yes it really is okay to process that with someone because sometimes when you processing transition or something with the loved with sometimes they can project their own fears onto you. Or they can project the fact that they didn't go out and pursue their dreams so they might dissuade you from doing your art and some even might mean will on some of the things they say. But i love when our process mind with my therapist. I just love how. She's not biased and she helps me to see all areas that i need to see in. I just want to encourage you to be bold enough to stick with this journey as well. What do you mean bold. No shane walk with your head held high. I don't look back at my past anymore with any guilt or shame. I look back at my pass. And say wow i really display some emotional strength there to admit that i needed to help to admit that i was in a dark place into admit i was not safe by myself. And i'm really a homebody. I love being by myself. But at that time i did not consider myself to be.

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