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Edmonton Oilers. They're gonna throw Cam Talbot back in goal here. Tonight, six five and one with two shutouts in his career against the Blackhawks. These kind of been bumped out of the starting position by Mikko Koskinen who recently was signed to a three year contract extension with some decent money and not long after that. Peter. The general manager that was here in Edmonton was let go Keith Gretzky. The brother Wayne Gretzky has now taken over as interim general manager and some big decisions are going to be made. But this hockey club. The rumor is that can't Talbot is in the net tonight possibly being showcased for trade. I mean, anything could happen. I guess it's all up in the air. Yeah. It was real interesting. When they signed the backup goaltender who doesn't have a lot of experience, and he's not a young guy either to a three year good money extension for camp Talbot. I think it was kind of an insult to them at the same time, but Talbott's a professional. He's gonna do whatever he needs to do to help. What this team he's with the Oilers now, and he's gonna play a strong game, do whatever he can. But it's a real interesting situation. What's going on here with the Oilers with the firing of not only the coach put the general manager? Keith Gretzky have the ability to go in here and make blockbuster trades one way or the other. I don't know. All right. Let's go down to level up our anthem singer. See by the don's. But so proud Lee. After try lights, lastly, whose broad stripes and bright stars through.

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