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The big concern still remains to be large sinkhole right around Brier hill and white road. Trying to avoid a teacher strike. We're actually at the table today and we'll be there for, you know, a good portion of today, negotiating again. So we'll get an update after today on Regina Fuentes with the Columbus Education Association. The Columbus city school district says it does have a contingency plan with a consulting firm. If there is a strike into says the union feels that the district is going in a direction that's against helping students the current contract expires, August nineteenth the first day of class for the two thousand nineteen school year, but she says a possible work. Stoppage would not kick in. On that date. The White House is not revealing how it intends to respond to news that Iran shot down a US drone to tell how the Trump administration is responding to Iran's action at a Pentagon briefing, the shooting of a US drone was described as a quote, dangerous escalatory attack. But then moments later president from seemed to say that he believed it was literally a mistake, find it hard to believe it was intentional. If you want to know the truth, I think that it could have been somebody who was loose and stupid. But despite saying that he believed it to be a mistake. The president would not rule out. Military action lawn. Zak ABC news, the White House and congressional leaders will be at the White House today for a classified briefing on that increasingly tense situation with Iran, that meeting in the White House situation room. Ohio's auditor has declared a village in Clermont county to be in fiscal emergency. Keith favor says the village of Newton's Ville as past due accounts payable deficits and what he calls a treasury deficiency. So his office is. Taking over Newton's villes financial planning and supervision. Well, many are hailing the supreme court's seven to decision in favor of the peace. Cross for religious reasons in the town where the cross stands they're happy to keep their decades old war memorial, governor, Larry HOGAN says the decision means the cross can continue to stand tall and proud.

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