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Was looking around and my clothes house. I realize something because we we're both watching the show. Way i'm dressed. Did you change me. And she was like no no plus it are laughing go. She literally finessed me. Massey changed for the better. So listen to this guys out there. That don't man to change for the better so when you yourself. You know dressing better haircut. Looks a little bit better. You can thank you wife or girlfriend now. She ones but shaving man. That's the problem. That's the semester over with so i'm going barbara. Get that done now. Put with it. You know it's the full pants man. A man zeus zeus from the podcast z. Talk is him at our massino. All right the episode. Come out biweekly. This point yes. They are on youtube. Search for z. Talk with susan. Zeno are you can search for talk features. And they're also available now podcasts. Auto podcast providers are eligible to search for disease the z. z. Talk podcast with zeus encino. All right so that spotify apple wherever you get your podcast. You can find him on there. I guarantee you that is worth your time. Please check them out all right. So i wanted to pivot group where we've been talking about podcasting. We got into a little bit of family life and everything. So i wanted to talk to you about your favorite team behind you. The falcons real quick. So you like we were both fans that teams who perennially. I mean yeah. We've had some success recently. But overall the saints and falcons are maybe now but we did a lot of losing so we both had our fisher disappointment. So what keeps you coming back every year. And i don't say that sarcastically. As much as i dislike the falcons. But i'm just saying in general. What keeps you coming back. The one thing that i think every falcons fan wants obviously is the one thing you guys got back in two thousand seven. I believe that championship. You want nine two thousand nine you want that. Bring your want that title especially considering the fact that you know. You're so damn quo. But three quarters. We had it for three quarters and the craziest the craziest thing to me. That i always hear his falcons never trailed that game and we lost. That's facts when you trail. The game was over your exactly so it was when when that happened. We'd never tried that game like the joke. We just game. Guess what at that time. It was over. But but it's that ring but honestly for me man honestly. This is the thing that it's it's one. It's your love of your city right I know you know you. You're obviously a big new orleans saints. Fan Love freightliner right because you have grew up here. I don did you meet your wife here. All your kids and your kids are born here. So so you've gotta love for atlanta. I love my city man. I was born in dallas texas. But i came here in nineteen ninety when i was around four or five and and i just i i love atlanta. Atlanta's my home. I don't know if i even wanna move. My wife is always talking about wanting to go down to tampa just because she has friends down there. And she's the michigan so she loves the beach so she's like because i i don't know if i wanna move to a place that hurricane season comes around and you might have to. You might have to leave like every year. I obviously i know in new orleans that was just a. What's it called. That was one of those times where it was so bad that you had to evacuate but it's not every year where he's in tampa leave almost everything with me. I'm like oh every is not a category five hurricane. Yeah exactly but but you know. I love atlanta. So honestly that that that love that you have for one year city and then to you grow affinity for this team so much so that honestly man. I'm gonna tell you so many of my life events. I remember them. Based off of the falcons seasons. So i'm not even thinking you asked me ask. When did you meet your wife. Look i think that was the year two thousand twelve because that was the year we went to the nfc championship Forty niners. I met her in november of that year so november two thousand twelve. That means that also allows me to know because i graduated after that season from polish. I know i graduated in two thousand thirteen. I always married right before the two thousand sixteen season. And i know my kids were born right after the two thousand sixteen season. You know. 'cause my kids were born Do may but they were born in march because they were twins so they came up. But i know like some events in my life. I know around the falcons seasons. So you you there's just something there's just a theory that you end up having for certain in for a lot of people it's full bind offer you. It's football as well right new orleans but there's some people that have the same thing basketball same thing for for you know for other other sports. It's just you have a certain type of it's a belonging because you know what i mean you belong to something. You belong to the new orleans saints fan. I belong to the atlanta falcons. Phantom you know it might not be the great. The i don't know how you guys feel in new orleans about other fans in new orleans fair. I feel like a lot of fans of fair weather. But that's because there's a lot of people who just can't suck up the that up as as a faggot fan assistant greatest defeat by the way insane. Yeah yeah so. That's the biggest thing that about. Just love for its. It took me a while to get. I didn't grow up watching football. I actually all high school. I never watched football. I started watching football. Until i put it on two thousand eight. I started watching football. And then i was like you know what i like the sport and that was but you know if i'm gonna watch the sport i'm gonna have to go for team and i'm about to be one of these people that i started watching should so i have a friend who started watching for in the new guests who who was big at the time new england so guess who. He's a fan of new england. You know what i mean. I know you. I was like i was raised here. I'm gonna. I'm gonna go for my city little that i know that ride is going is a painful right. It's a painful right but that man but when we get that rainman it's gotta be worth. I know demo. You thought that you guys were writing right that train and then when you got that right i know you guys you guys felt. That's the one thing that i want is. The group is is the greatest sports field. Now perhaps my s is going to surprise you that win. The super bowl is most awesome. Thanks. i never thought. I'd see it like us making it. They're much less win thing but for me. The biggest moment was actually knowing we were going when we beat device that we were going almost was more aesthetic the fact that we got there then i felt like okay. We got there not that that was the end. But i mean i was. I was a crazy person knowing we were going light because i never figured it would ever happen. You know at the point is just one game one game one game the then.

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