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Search free lunch. Traffic and weather on the 8th here's Joe when the WTO traffic center. We're gonna start off in Virginia on the capitol beltway on the antelope slowing I 66 most of the way toward the American legion bridge, all the earlier incidents of clear, but it's still slowing down the northbound George Washington Parkway as you make your way from the CIA trying to get to the antelope, mostly focused along that right lane, added up delays, bandura street throughout Alexandra toward the Wilson bridge and the thrill of the locals with an event at national harbor this evening, V 95 southbound near duke street the crash was along the right, 95 south slows out of newington toward woodbridge northbound 95 so briefly the Prince William Parkway with the crash along the left, so he again wrote Ben 95 briefly at the Springfield interchange accessing three 95 north. Mainline three 95 went up down delays, The Pentagon toward the inbound four T street bridge into the district, 66 east, crashed near the beltways on the right side of the roadway, farther east than 66 the crash on the Roosevelt bridge was along the right. Colleges told us about a crash in loudoun county and 15 southbound near white's ferry road traffic was stopped with traffic getting by on its own on a shoulder, squeezing by, waiting for help to arrive, but this is pretty fresh. On the Maryland beltway out of sewing to this big crash at the big curve to south of near river road, at last report, only the right side able to get by major delays from old Georgetown road and on the southbound two 70 spur. On the Internet of the beltway, likewise slow to the Wilson bridge and the throughs and locals again with that event, at national harbor, where the air crash was on 15 north end near 40 Patrick street, it's been cleared lane should be available. If you're driving in the district on D.C. 25 going north, delays leave 6 95 to a Pennsylvania avenue, South Bend delays from eastern avenue most of the way toward east capital street, three 95 south and delays the third street tunnel to the app bound case bridge. We are brought to a silver diner now open in D.C. across from nationals park, bringing their healthy and classic menu options to the navy yard, silver diner eat well do well. I'm Joe Conway WTO traffic. Storm team four meteorologist samar Theodore. Oh, it's gonna be another chilly night out there, my Friends, temperatures falling into the low 30s, bundle up out there tomorrow

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