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By gunmen about twenty eight black hair handsome thank you let me dress this government grilling make cashier believed to be a killer Blackie Thompson approach with caution what are the others hello what's the matter this is a general service what's the matter who is this black like it does in every office in the south looking to buy a thousand well I don't know why you and you don't even they found another girl in the electric chair giving the example hello hello attention respectively bracket Thompson reported to be here tomorrow all patrol cars ever made highways killer Blackie Thompson reported here in Amarillo does a publisher let go of own in game is a wrong still he did inspectors use a clever as actor I ever heard please contact us at the toll on the night look they're a little rotate this is Dan doing seventy look quite behind it what kind must be like a Thompson in the first guy we don't run the swat Kats what I run this program the vote as a kind of cross whenever they land on the highway in time to come along we've got to us but god will never catch you only one way to go down the embankment thank we've got to take a chance I need to make it a big kid because of the glass Lewis you getting the other squad cars it is right but is right several times maybe one thousand I don't think so if your guns on a low they start to get up out of that road let him have it must.

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