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Few days from now, so you can plan your day and your week. Double TOP news. Everything you need every time you listen. You're listening to WTO neighbors. It's three 52, you know meat prices skyrocketed since the start of the pandemic. Now some good news, just in time for the summer cookout season. Prices and demand for meat are way down. Poor costs about 10% less than it did last year. Beef is down 5% and some chicken products only cost half as much as they did last May, Tyson Foods told its stockholders that demand is down even though the cost of feeding the animals and caring for them is up. The lower meat prices come as inflation is easing across the economy. Neil law can stay in WTO. On this Mother's Day, some research on working moms. New research from consulting firm Robert half is revealing the priorities and concerns of working mothers. 61% are planning to or already looking for a new job. Robert half district president Meghan slovenski gives the reason why. No more than 90% of them cited workplace flexibility. The pandemic's remote work changed the thinking of many. They want flexibility to meet the obligations both for their employer and for their personal life. Stephen Kaufman see the S news. Terence Howard starred in Oscar winning films like crash and hustle and flow. Now he and his partner are launching the talent discovery platform called Holly. We're constantly left by Friends by relatives. How do I get in the business? How do I audition? But if they could record themselves and then upload it to a platform, people can accomplish their dreams. Terrence Howard in partner Mira pact say Holly will be a platform for actors, writers, and directors to upload their audition tape, scripts, and reels. There's a platform where your children don't have to go through the wolves

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