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The sport we could see a real culture developing their. I really hope so. The last few years been a big big drop. Kobe didn't have and yeah. Hopefully now all the kids want to ride bikes and Joined the local clubs and maybe in ten years. We have another slovenian winner. Is there an explanation for it. Just got to the best way in the world from such a small country or is there. Is there some system or explanation behind. It wouldn't say system. It's more coincidence. They just appeared at the same time and you can see the age difference almost ten years difference between them and yeah we know it all went through ski jumping and started cycling quite late and being as a big talent and then forgotten came through the kind of primary school and high school of cycling and Yeah they all new is He's a talent and yeah actually. It's nice to see them both at the same time. Like especially before. We didn't have any big big riders. Quite well Actually i've never worked with any of them. I just know them because slovenia so small we know each other but Yeah i don't know them really well but Yeah we speak. We speak when we see each other. They're both nice. Nice guys really friendly. You like to work with them. Why not of course. Call dave rails for giving. Gimme gimme difficult. But i think there's been a slovenian team sky or any officer No not the writer has been staff members only not writer. You'd like to see that Yeah go on. You've been listening to the other slovenians and episode of columbus zero by the cycling podcast supported by super sapiens. It was produced by tom walley..

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