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This is a Bloomberg business flash. From Bloomberg world headquarters. I'm Charlie Pellett. Add Norway now the list of countries closing its airspace to the seven thirty seven. Max we've got Boeing shares slumping by seven point three percent that is certainly weighing on the Dow Jones industrial average the Dow down one hundred nine points down four tenths of one percent. The rally in technology. Stocks continues, apple and visa leading the pack as some up ten a gain of four tenths of one percent. Nasdaq up forty one up six tenths the tenure up nine thirty seconds yield two point six percent. Gold up three tenths of one percent right now twelve ninety seven the ounce. West Texas intermediate crude up three tenths of one percent fifty six ninety four barrel. I'm Charlie Pellett. And that is a Bloomberg business flash. Thank you, Charlie. We're live from the Bloomberg interactive brokers studio judge Amy Berman Jackson has read the riot. Actor Roger stone about his relentless pursuit of publicity and put him under a strict gag order that forbids him from speaking about his criminal case or special counsel, Robert Muller. Now stone is trying to explain himself to the judge once again saying that he didn't mean to mislead her when he failed to tell her about the paperback release of a book, he wrote about the two thousand sixteen election complete with a new introduction and title the myth of Russian collusion in it. He refers to Muller as a crook. Joining me is former federal prosecutor Robert man's apartment mccarter and English Bob in a March. First court filing stones lawyers referred to the book as an upcoming release. When it's been available online since February nineteenth there are emails talked about whether publishing the book would break the gag order from February fifteenth through February twenty six how do they explain not telling the judge about the book while they're litigating the gag order. Well, that's going to be the big question here. Because if there's one thing that is going to anger Jake's Jackson here and addition to rise, you're stone potentially violating the gag order. It's set they were not candid with her when they last appeared in front of her essentially on this very issue. So is it turns out as it appears that they were emails and discussion on that? At the time they appeared in court. They knew this book was coming out with these incendiary comments about Robert Muller in the new introduction. She's going to be very angry, and they will decide to put Roger stone imprison leading up to his trial. Well, this is a tough judge who put Paul Manafort behind bars, pending trial for interfering with a witness. She lets stone off with just a tougher gag order last time, but she did say this is not baseball. You don't get a third chance. Does that sort of put her in? On the spot of having to put him in prison or could there be some lesser kind of fine or gag order. Well, I think taxes are reluctant to put people in prison leading up to a trial in the case of Paul Manafort, the accusation was that they were witness tampering which really is in many ways a more serious offense because it goes to the real heart of the trial. The allegation is that you're trying to affect witness testimony. And that really is a very very serious issue. This is a little less serious in the sense that it is simply making these statements to the public, and perhaps affecting the jury pool for this trial. But I think here the jugs drew a pretty bright red line, and he peers at Roger stone cross that line and judges are reluctant to give you a chance have you then essentially, violates the order and then come back and give you a second chance. So she could do either one she could leave him out. But I wouldn't be surprised to see if she decides to put him in jail if she decides to leave him out what could she do that? She hasn't done already. Well, in addition to making it very clear that he is not to make any public statements or to tweets or to do any other things that he's already done. She could for example, prohibit him from a tweeting it all she could say that he is not allowed to go onto the internet. You could put him under house arrest. She could prohibit him from having contact with anybody in the media. There are number thing. She could do to kind of tighten the noose short of putting him in jail. We've talked before about how Roger stone has this relentless pursuit of publicity. And this at this point. He does apparently dean bunny for his defense, according to the court papers, and the emails the books have not been flying off the shelves even since his arrest, which was highly publicized could this possibly be a publicity stunt to draw attention to the book and more sales. Or is that too dangerous? Well, that's a cynical view here. And anybody knows about Roger stone at his history knows that this is an individual who sort of flirts with the line of disaster and is courting publicity, either when that publicity sometimes may not be all positive and even when publicity could possibly land him in jail. So the judge may well view him as using the court as a vehicle for promoting his book, which will only further anger, the judge. And I think she will seriously clip his wings, if he doesn't put him in jail altogether. This judge is going to be sentencing. Paul Manafort, his first sentencing was really caused a lot of uproar because it was so lenient and uproar about the judicial system as well as the judge sentencing in this particular case what's likely from judge Jackson tomorrow. Well, judge Jackson is a different job. Then judge Alice two seconds, Paul Manafort in the trial in Virginia. But judge Jackson also has different facts before her because she was the one that you mentioned June who put Paul Manafort in prison for tampering with witnesses. He also is aware of the sentence that Paul Manafort received from judge Alice, and I think that we will see a sudden here that certainly adds additional time to the prison time. The Paul Manafort got from judge jealous that was a sentence. That was viewed as highly controversial the sentencing guidelines were about twenty years. And while everybody expected there to be a departure downward very few people expected to departure as low as forty seven months, which is what he received from judge L Ellis. So I think we could almost certainly count on additional jail time coming out of this sentence from Jake Jackson, whether that's done by giving consecutive. Time or whether she just add the sentence that is beyond the forty seven months that was imposed by Doug Ellis, right? Will be very interesting to see how she handles that. And how different it is. If at all from judge Alice, thanks so much, Bob. That's Robert Menzies a former federal prosecutor and a partner now at mccarter in English coming up on Bloomberg politics policy power in law. Boeing is grappling with more groundings of its most important airliner seven thirty seven max that follows the second deadly crash..

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