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To mention this. This whole Gillian Anderson conversation. He called me said it went to high school with Jillian Anderson. Why is she considers solve English that? Well, she's lived there for a long time. No. Considering myself Japanese because I lived in Japan for almost five years. I think you are. Okay. Well, someone who has very busy this Super Bowl weekend. And Atlanta was miss Cardi B who I love anytime. She explains anything on Twitter or interviews. I just went Cardi B to just talk. I just love how direct and straight. And I just love her. Done to us Wendy Williams, saying I were friends with her in our head big time and TJ homes from GMAC sat down with her. And did he Blache he was cracking up? And she was if you're at all online on I think this might have been filmed on Saturday. She had on a lavender leather trench coat, and she had her hair, lavender and pink. Action is shadow. It was so amazing. It was fabulous. I wonder how long that took because it was really great. It was really really great. Okay. Let's say the first cut talking about. I think this is about her daughter Cardi B seems to have been everywhere lately. I feel like I did the parties when I was young is you are young. We talk about when you were young in twenty twenty one I'm twenty six now. I work almost twenty four hours. I'm a mom. Twenty six. Hey, listen live chains. Exactly. Baby. Yeah. Her six month old daughter culture. She has with husband rapper said didn't join mommy's work trip to Atlanta. I'm sure you'd like to be with your child right now. How are you balancing? Yes. It is har-. I just think to myself like her future's going to be so secure. Like, oh my gosh. You can have a lambo issues like eighteen right now. I gotta be in my grind. And I'm gonna I'm gonna have more kids. So you're going to have kids. Yes. How about just so down to earth about it? You know? I mean, I don't know how old she was when she started stripping like eighteen I guess, but she probably packed a lot in. If anyone looks back at lake eighteen to twenty three. It's amazing. How much you pack into the ceasefires dislike I told you there like dog years. Yeah. Grow up to San I like, the she just said life changes like that. When you have kid because sometimes people don't change they have a kid, and they still they pretend like change he said when you have a kid, I think she also meant when she became like. Yeah. Went from zero to five talking about the kid and she was acknowledging dad like, hey, you know, that's yeah. You're not going to be. I mean, you can't do that. But. At what cost because time that you're taking here. She is talking about Chris. We gotta talk about marriage. Gotta talk about offset. Here's the next one for g admits schedules, put a strain on her marriage. But now she says they're trying to work things out gonna be. All right. You know, you gotta take a snow important. Is that to you that that family unit stays together when her team my parents separated, right? So I always feel like it's it's important to have like two parents household a lot of people always telling me like, oh, you could you could find another man. Has like I can I can find anybody. I want you don't know nowadays you for you. Sometimes I think people want me for Cardi B soon as I say, I did a video that I'm now. Now with this guy any more, I've got all these male celebs in my DMZ. Yeah. Let's go to dinner. You wanna go to dinner with me Cardi B famous do the DM. And you about dates like is is like I just feel like it's not as easy as people think you could you could do that say, Honey, I just. She just gets rate through all the whatever. And then plea the last one where he TJ homes from ABC as Kirti be about would there because remember riana was asked first, and then Cardi B was 'Second to perform at the halftime show at the Super Bowl. No one wanted. Okay. In what circumstance would you have performed at the halftime show higher, my friend back and understand? Why was this like so important and was such a poor mushy? He's standing up for minorities, and is like we don't super who stand enough was then it's like. And they need to understand. Why he stand up was? I mean, that's pretty well said because it's not just a matter of blink stating that they didn't want it. Miana turned it down because of her loyalty to call and Capri apps same with Cardi B's. So I thought even the way she explained that, you know, who's if you're not saying, I mean was just she's I don't know. I I really kind of have a crush on her. Well, she's infectious Lori is working their butt off twenty four seven, and she is going to post this too Instagram because really it was so unbelievable the makeup and hair. Yeah. It was so unbelievable that she's trying to make it work out with their guy. Which would be hard until he told her. He's got a new phone that doesn't include groupies. No, more groupies real name is Belle Kelly's Martinus. Yeah. Almonds are just very nice pronunciation. Really is delightful, and she's just is so fun. Yeah. She also claps back at different people online clapback at a Fox News commentator Tommy Lauren in January to leave her alone. Or she dog Walker and yesterday, she told her don't let me get my don't make me. Get my leash when you say, you're just she she's very. I don't know. I love her confidence. Exactly. Have confidence. Yeah. Her hair is great. It's amazing. All right right now. Oh my gosh. It's so. Did we ever really believe Travis Scott was going to stop in the middle of the halftime Super Bowl show and proposed to Kylie Jenner. No, no, there ain't no time for that. Ain't nobody got time for that. Now, he didn't eat barely had a minute. My favorite was big boy came in and the Cadillac I'm like, that's my Grandpa's old Cadillac. I recognize I mean that was an old one. Oh, yes. Dan, mosaic long coat. I re. Oh, yeah. They can't lead around the corner like Andre three thousand. We can see this halftime show. Get little. Hey ya. All we saw was Instagram video of. Of Kylie holding up her baby. Watching her dad on stage in the number one question in our house for the one minute of the Travis Scott song is why does he have Casey thought? It was a tool belt. Recognized as a fanny belts are fanny pack. They're everywhere Laurie. I know that's real love the fanny pack. You know, he was off key and other one. Could you tell me because people who knew the song Senate, I read it on Twitter? Okay. The people who knew the song. I couldn't even tell. Big boy when the way you make me move. I mean that one we're like, oh, yeah. That felt like energy per second. But he was off the stage so fast, you know. It's like the instinct boys felt when Justin Timberlake invited him to the Grammys. I know that they got like thirty seconds. And Adam LeVine is now he's getting crap about his his haiku that he left on his Instagram today. You can't win. He's not gonna win in. You said it, you know, Cardi B turned it down reality. Turned it down a lot of people that they wanted to have performed turned it down. Yeah. So yeah. You got. That's what we get. What you get. And you don't throw fit. There you go and people really did, you know, like just it is I just people had fun though. 'cause there was post Maloney, concerts. I mean there were ton of concerts happening over here last year. It was so much fun. It was so much fun pink played at the armory outside Donahue Nikola mall. We I mean, the suburbs and the jayhawks, and it really is the town is going crazy. And I think too. That's why a lot of people were really like kind of like looking at the NFL and Adam LeVine halftime show. They're here. They're in hotlanta. I mean, you gotta you gotta deep rich music thing there. But maybe the Mark anything under three thousand told big boy don't count me in I'm friends with capper Nick to you know, I thought that Meghan McCain on the view had a good idea. She did the NFL to exercise if you will the elephant in the room with Colin Kaepernick, taking a knee to protest police brutality and police injustice with minorities. I mean, that's originally why he did it. And then he gets blacklisted kicked, you know, the NFL, blah, blah, blah. But she said why don't they like why don't they have a row? Why don't why aren't they talking about it? Why is everybody talking about it? Yeah. You know? I thought it was, you know, I don't know. I guess I don't think the owners want that. And the owners have a lot of power is. But seventy percent of our football players are African American. And you know, and it just seems to be something that is the elephant in the room. And I thought it was gone after last year to be honest with you because you didn't know. Yeah. No, you knew when the Super Bowl when. No one. So I thought, but you know, because ratings were up for the NFL this year, and you know, when changes have been made to the NFL are watching, blah, blah, blah. But you're I thought make him. Yeah. Let's just sit down everybody and discuss it and get it out there. And then they have Colin Kaepernick panel. And you know, it's Goodell on it and have. Had time to be in the NFL out. Of course, you know, you're so. Near that roundtable. Well, I mean, there's talk about out of touch. Well, he represents the owners being in a job too long. I we saw this happened with baseball to you get someone who's the Commissioner of thing. Like that of over a bunch of billionaire owners, they like having someone that it just seems like you need some it. It shouldn't be like, oh, you're going to be the Commissioner for twenty five thirty years. I don't know wells. The owners can are the only ones that can fire him. Yeah. I know why would they be when he's such a, you know, well, he works soft knuckle. Oh, yeah. No. But I mean, there's no bone. There's no bonus. Yeah. No. He's just like. I don't know. All right. Listen, we come back. We got the dirt alert with Holly. Mytalk one zero seven one everything. So you're telling me, there's a chance entertainment..

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