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Was a girl we play travel softball with Another pitcher my oldest was the pitch and the MOM's name was does ray and every time I see her. I'll out of know why I say that just my thing anyway totally strenuous. Doug your three hold on. Let me give you your own heading on my paper number one in particular order four. Doug going in okay. Well I've actually had three different lists one after Darren. He voted him out after he talked. He talked me out of being in it and then oh I thought well maybe the three from last year and then I heard diversity a lot in the barbecue hall of fame. The people that were actually you know to to nominate so I went with diversity so you can break it up. Is Restaurant is Franklin Desert? Rodney Rodney I went desharnais competition and so does raise. My first choice under restaurant convoluted all right. Go has no competition. Bill Arnold. Darren Leeann you have to go with the Goat Darren Darren and then other is Joe Davidson meathead and Jon Marcus. And that was a tough one. No doubt and so. I go meet head off. Okay let me quickly look here Who was the first one? Did you say desert under restaurant? I'm sorry my Their boom boom right. Now we go over to the Michigan correspondent. John.

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