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Pizza is a incredible success story of make your own pizza. Let me see. What is it. You know what? I won't have the exact numbers, but he's doing tens of millions of dollars with these businesses with with manti pizza. The fact that he's a celebrity though, means that my pre interview or ask questions that we could have researched not in the US nobody would know him in the US, but go into the UK our papers. So what I said to we need to do was. Let's find someone to do research for the pre interviewer. So this never happens again. I never want to waste the next guy's time like Scott by asking questions and we're online. And so now we take a list of questions. We give them too fancy hands and for six bucks per they will fill in our basic questions. So the pre interviewer has the basics and doesn't have to go and ask the same thing over again. So that's the way that I work now that got so good that I was full of research full of information. And the problem was nobody cares about research and that's not where you get the heart of the interview. That's not why you care about like, why don't you like my interviews? You didn't like my interviews because I researched the name of your high school band. Right? You like my interview because I genuinely cared about what I was into. And so I've been reminding myself of that and trying to tap into that in every interview lately. Do you follow the same motive with who you have on the show? Just who is most interesting at the time to you who you're most curious about, or do you have another way to preselect who's going to be on your show? My problem is I love everyone and I would care about everyone. You came to one of the dinners that I did before. I think it was converted twenty sixteen the conference. You might have looked around the table and seeing great people, but they were eighteen of them or something because I couldn't say no to people. And so finally, there's someone who I work with Megan. Megan is in charge of helping me organize dinners for events. And when I stayed her, Megan, tell me no allot. I know it's going to be great people. I'm gonna want everybody out. Please tell me knows at the table doesn't get so crowded that we don't get to know each other. And so one of the things that she's doing is telling me, no, same thing with guests. I have to say to the to the inner to my people. Please tell me, no, because once you get like this, the heart of Dale Carnegie of being curious about other people, and then you say, what do I really care about? How do you not care about everyone is true Megan's great. By the way we've been talking to schedule this innovation. She's fantastic. Well, that's right. Yeah. When it comes to. Getting people on your show. Your show is popular enough now where you can just say, hey, I'd love to have you on the show. Most people are going to say, yes, if they're smart and the schedules line, obviously. But for those who are just starting out brand new podcasters, they worry about people even giving them the light of day for their brand new show that has very little audience size. What tips might you recommend for those who are just starting out in the interviewing scene and in terms of who to select and how to get a person to say yes, to come on the show. First of all, I would say that you absolutely should be doing interviews. I think that there's a sense that I shouldn't be doing interviews, everyone's doing interviews. Tell you what. The the benefits of doing interviews are first of all you get to learn from someone else while you're while you're doing the work second, you don't have to be the expert. Third, you coach ideas out of people that they couldn't come up with on their own because you're genuinely curious about them. And finally, there's the the rubbing off actor. I was listening to a conservative talk show host, do a podcast, and he's a firebrand firebrand firebrand..

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