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Nobody on board. This after the software update died, you know, makes me wonder if it was after the software update in there. They they told the pilots safe. We get that update in there. Just watch out for this. You're fine. Wow. Emergency landing and it had to make an emergency landing. Just after takeoff in Orlando. It's crowded, of course, commercial flight after two deadly crashes. We've all heard about that part of it. But this was interesting crew reported engine problems after takeoff return safely, but it was immediately after takeoff which has been the same story that we've heard. Yeah, they say it's happens within four to five. Well, listen, immediately like like the minute the wheels go up or immediately like four minutes into the flight. I don't know. Minutes after they get out of aerospace or the airport airspace. I'm thinking. Wow. But that's the first time that they've publicly said anything about it for a plane in the United States. So what does southwest do now? The most that's a lot of their fleet. They have the biggest amount of seven thirty sevens. Oh that good for south west. And how about can we change the name of this stupid idea to the green no deal deals zero? Zero zero. Nobody voted for it yesterday, including Democrats. Yeah. But they didn't vote. No. They voted present. Yeah. Which means I'll abstain. Cross out knowing just right present next to it. Should just have another option. But these people Senator what are you vote kinda? That's my Elizabeth. And then they asked Elizabeth Warren. And she said, oh, yeah. I voted for it. Well, no, I really didn't. But I'm like she wants it. She doesn't want to go on the record as a presidential candidate saying she voted for this nonsense. I support a green new deal that will aggressively tackle climate, change income inequality and racial injustice. How did we make the magic leap from climate change to racial injustice? I Don the name of God is she talking about this is when the this is what upsets everybody about congress. You know, they put up these great bills that do wonderful things. And then they throw in as they call it the pork on top of it. So okay, we're going to save the ocean. But at the same time, we're gonna throw in laws about racial inequality. Okay. Doesn't racial inequality needed so long. Why would you? Why would you throw it into a green Bill? It's a great point. Now, come on, it kind of diminishes the, you know, the effect of the other, you know, causes you're right. It does. Here's the common sense argument from this is coming from John Cornyn Senator from Texas because if implemented the new green deal would wipe out most of this prosperity. It would cut job growth would dramatically increase taxes. Tell you what it would wipe out the middle class wipe out the middle class in and it also calls for the grounding of all maybe this'll save. Seven thirty seven it'll ground all planes in ten years. Perfect timing no more flying because that would add too much to the climate problem. So anyway, that's going nowhere number yesterday. But of course, the biggest news coming out of Chicago. And if you're as outraged as well, we are about Jesse small Ed having all his charges dropped cheese. Pat yourself on the back is you're you're saying, you're not nuts. But if anything makes you feel better at least this morning, there are some calls to investigate Cook County state's attorney Kim FOX over the woman needs to be fired. A she needs to go. I mean, even when your own assistant prosecutors as I he's guilty. I I don't believe he's innocent. I believe that that whole interview he pro I bet you that guy doesn't have a job this morning. And betcha he got fired for that interview. That could be said. Yeah, the prosecutor because you can hear it in his voice want to drop the charges. He was told by a higher power to do. So just dropping the charges. Indicate him visit exonerate him. Do you believe that he is innocent? I do not believe he's innocent. Wow. And they said they had even more evidence to come out with that, you know, they were going to spring on him in the trial. Because this was this was set to go to trial. This guy was supposed to go to prison for a very long time. Now, we'll never know what that evidence was. It was never really know. The true reason outside of what you probably suspects all politics and corruption. Charges were officially dropped. It's it's I, you know, I want to know is how much power does his family have because they were able to get to that teenage fiction chick who we used to be Michelle Obama's chief of staff. She wrote an Email, and they got this is what I don't get. They have the emails from this kitchen attorney Obama's former chief of staff to the prosecutor, the state attorney saying, hey, you know, what I know this mullets. They're great family. I'm going to give you a call about this case that okay? That's a wink wink nod. Rob this now, and we'll make your political career is what this was. So this woman issues going to fail up like everybody else is sorted for the president's gonna kick. Her out is the prosecutor, Cook County is the state attorney in next thing. You know, you're going to be running for president could Lord what a bunch of. Oh, it's horrible. What's that? If anybody hires this Trump. The show. I hope dies immediately and not empire because they fired him. Exactly something. I don't know. What's going to happen with that? That was going to happen with March madness. The Seminoles are going to be Kazakh tomorrow. We're going to carry live, right, right? Probably not, okay. Probably not do. I really say that I picked Gonzaga to go to the final two. Okay. So I'd pick. Listen, there's a rooting interest. And there's the science behind your back science. I just like their name. I've always liked Kazakh. I don't even know where they are. We tell you what you made big far off. Because remember the guy we were talking about yesterday as the perfect bracket the NCAA found him. He has what forty eight game. So far is that what you said he also randomly has pick teams. This will enrage you says a lot of it's luck any picked UC Irvine. Right because he got some friends there. My god. This is the guy. That's got the perfect bracket. The only one of the world so far. Wow. Watching a lot of big ten basketball UC Irvine to go because we friends out there. Last summer people's contacted me yesterday. Found out. I wasn't even really monitoring this one four brackets. And this is the fourth one that I almost didn't even fill out. This was locked for. Sure. A lot of it sounds like it looks like urkel haven't seen him. But at that, he's he's pretty nerdy. While he didn't he Pickens? I gotta go all the way, but started curiosity did. But he's a forty year old Niro, physicists neuropsychologist. Sorry. Derosa colleagues. Name is Greg good for Greg. But just like everybody else filling out brackets. A lot of it. What I'm doing because he has see now I get screwed because they had to pick Ohio State. Even though I knew they were gonna lose. I had had to go with my heart. So I got busted long ago. Gee, that's what happens on the other side on this see on the right side of the bracket. I suck on the left side of the bracket. Would you look at it? I'm pretty good 'cause like zodda. So in the half rack of bracket, you're doing great. Yes. That's about it. To try to cut down a robocall, please. Maybe you know, what? Because they gotta make up for that rotten thing. They didn't Baltimore wherever it was that poor guy that saved the cat. Well, that's right. Got that some headlines coming up. This is the Palm Beach is news,.

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