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Got big problems in Tarrant county. It's for eighteen Gillian. Rogers is keeping his eye on any improvement. Julia very little of we've got another lane open on I twenty west. That's a big accident at three sixty. So we've got a couple two maybe three right lanes getting to the right? But as long as all of the emergency, crews are still on the scene in at least two left lanes. We're going to have this huge backup going towards well almost into duck and Bill NASA, we've reached four zero eight on that delay. That's more than thirty minutes camp wisdom help you out to the south pioneer Parkway to the north either way you're shaving about six or seven minutes off the drive time their stadium drive in north Arlington. Still closed neat or rather divisions closed near stadium driveway the train tracks are that was a trail train derailment. And so right now, we're having to use Randall mill or Abram as an alternate and thirty five W we're now seeing about a twenty minute trip for one fourteen down to western Senator rush hour delay full on heading north Fort Worth while. And it seems like a lot of time to get through there. So. Allow yourself that time especially now that they're in the cleanup stages to make it from Dallas county over Tarrant county in Collin county in Frisco, northbound one Twenty-one Sam Rayburn tollway over spring creek Parkway. That's refined. The accident blocking those two left lanes. You're backed up beyond Josie. Now at this point. I would say that it's going to take fifteen minutes to get through there. It's rolling slow. Just like it is a normal rush hour traffic, but it's just built up a little bit further behind that up and didn't county thirty five northbound ended it didn't on the brakes just before easily. You're heavy all the way back to me. He'll Randy fuller is in Dallas county and taking a look at that. Reindeer would you have eastbound six thirty five zero j the accident before forest is slowing the HOV in the left lane. And that backup is tremendous all the way to Luna southbound.

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