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I go out with you at what point do you say okay screw it your i don't wanna go out with me yes but if you really believe that somebody is the right person go get them and i believe that if jeff gordon really believes that david quinn is the right guy for the new york rangers then you do what you can to get that guy you know we talked about this last week a little bit for years and years the nhl stay away from college coaches yup really stayed away and now whether it's hacksaw whether it's montgomery now it's quinn it is very much more thing in the nhl like it's hard to go we talked about this suit hard to go from junior hockey rate to the nhl peter devore was able to do that but that's more the exception than the rule those that whole wave of hiring american hockey coaches after budo found success with washington going back to two thousand seven do we start now to see more college coaches getting attention from the national hockey league and getting jobs right in the nhl as head coach on i think it says to me jeff is at the league is getting younger and the number one thing coach has to be able to do now is get guys to play for him right and this guy apparently knows how to get people to play for him and that is huge now and the league is younger you know when you coaching college jim montgomery's teams had some older players david quinn's teams tended to have i think most a lot of younger players at b c r b you excuse me so i think what that says to me is that at college you get the swing between the eighteen year olds and the twenty three year olds right so you see both ends of the spectrum but i think now this is a young league so the thing to me is you're not the first guy on nhl network last week and they were like is new york and eat david coin alive and i'm like if the guy can coach you makes the youngest player younger players better their fans are going to be ecstatic with that that's what they want right so if you think that this guy our college coaches are prepared now because they deal with younger players that's why you're going for.

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