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Are the top five the five things that you need to now two day I will do it throughout the hour we're gonna have some fun with this the well and the first thing to start with not exactly fun but you do need to know about it it is the corona virus and the situation that led to a one thousand point selloff I'm the Dow to day three and a half percent of the value of the Dow Jones industrial average in about three and a half percent of the market was lost today because of fears of the corona virus and what is exactly this fear what exactly is going on here there's the there has been an announcement by the World Health Organization if there is concern that this could become disease X. now what is disease accent coming out of all is the president for research at echo health alliances Kobe nineteen disease X. is what we're trying to figure out here Kevin thank you very much so the idea thanks for having me the idea of disease X. is a disease that would be a N. easily transmittable disease that would come from a source said the way we would have no immunity immunity to it and it would become pandemic and we've seen this with previous things throughout this these last two decades right I mean we've we've we've had hysteria over whether sars rumors or things like that what that's right different about corona virus well sars and mers are actually all in the family corona viruses so this is just another new coronavirus and what the WHL head had name disease acts was you know a way for us to get prepared and get ahead of this next new emerging event you know I was three years ago where they came up with that term disease acts in what is called the research and development blueprint where a team of public health experts in disease experts around the world get together in Geneva W. H. O. headquarters and really make a list of one of the top diseases that we see as a threat and that there are little tools developmental therapeutics or vaccines or treatments are currently in in development board or an existential and they come up with a list of about eight or nine diseases and they decided that there's things out there that we don't know about that pose a threat and let's just put that in the category the ducks and this is exactly what we're seeing right now with this new code nineteen so when they have something like this there are already emergency procedures in place to learn a little bit about that we've seen it in China where they were able to immediately erect these ten hospitals and be able to get all the equipment they needed or to at least try to get him and that they needed to to stay at least ten down to some degree the transmission from the patient to the medical providers there's we and we see this in all those movies right and and contagion and all the rest of it do this there is a there is a plan in place but is there also a plan in place for drug manufacturers to immediately start researching this and try to create a vaccine because he's a virus is not unlike the flu where you could create a vaccine for it by by changing the structure yeah that's right I mean you know vaccine development takes time so you know it does sometimes that process can be years if not many months in the making and so you know there's there's a time lag there but I think in general you know yes we need to there's money now being the input into the development of some of these tools for this new disease but I think it's also even though the you know the global fears are there now and the virus is clearly spreading to some new places yeah I was thinking about where did this come from and thinking about prevention as as we move forward this will not be the net only new disease access going to emerge in the human population so how do we put in some basic infrastructure public health infrastructure in place to prevent this from happening again and to sort of mitigate against it even without the development of new vaccines let me ask you where you think this is all heading though because obviously the stock market is responding to it market action take just hours but markets around the world are responding to worried about big slowdowns how bad do you think this will get you know I I I agree with the W. H. O. that you know they haven't declared a pandemic yet yes there's band transmission on multiple continents but by Sunday definitions might some people might call contact but it also has to do with impact and and how is that you know what is the overall impact on the human population and they feel it hasn't crossed up Russell yeah I do still think there's time for some response and containment I think what we're seeing in China is actually that some of those procedures they put in the price of and working and the number of cases of actually gone down so we're kind of seem to be over a bit of a hump in China but it's going to take vigilance and you know this is not something we can just sit down and assume that come spring it's going to go away we have to really work hard to sort of identify cases and put some basic public health measures in place washing hands closing schools in gathering the notes at the bank really can do a lot to preventing spread style I'm hopeful but you know I think it's something we really got to be working harder and be vigilant about all rights can although they said vice president for research into echo health alliances thanks so much really appreciate it Sir talk too soon thank you I have a check in with Lauren with the traffic.

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