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Kitchen stay tuned JAL. It's about to get forked up. Sharpen those knives. Its fourth step. Doug Kitchen podcast. What's up mother fuckers? How is everybody doing Michelle? How you doing? I'm doing good. There are Hanging in there. I'm not getting a flu like all the rest of y'all weak ass mother fuckers. Whatever you haven't gotten it yet anyways what's up we'll have we don't have any housekeeping buyer book and Evergreen Housekeeping Book Surfer Sale? Then if you need a president or you like yourself fuck it so something. I've been wanting to talk about on the pod. Ed Or is you know because this is the time of year where everyone so much more like so which holier than thou healthiest time of everyone just like I'm only fucking drinking wheat grass and eating blueberries Hydros Dayrit Lemons. Yeah as great heels on so I thought that we would talk about the grossest foods that we like to eat. Oh Hell Ya okay. I'm Let's do this every day. I'm just saying this is some shit some of the gross s shit that we eat. Let's get real all right. I'll start last night for dinner. I had a boxer Mike and that is gross. Yeah I didn't even know you like Mike and Thanks Shit in your pantry. Someone else on okay. So first of all it was a stocking stuffer. I didn't go out and buy them. But they Brian Ryan but they are delicious and they are Vegan and maybe I was a little high May. Maybe I didn't have all groceries. I need to put together. So maybe I had high fructose Corn Syrup. It's awesome wine for dinner sometimes. That's okay love yourself and you're like you know what I could make a lovely soup if I just had accelerate knows salary fuck Mike Line. I'm really not looks like every time I do. It's I've rarely consumed high-fructose Corn Syrup but every time time I do like my skin breaks I was just GonNa say like waiting for the first pimple have read mine I was like well. I'll see you in two days down my fucking Chin in 'cause Oh but in the in the moment Box Mike and Mike and Mike dinner discuss with some one. Okay hit me with your crap. I mean I fucking Love Red Vines. Since I was a kid I was I'm disgusting. When was the last time you had red vines Christmas Christmas? Okay Yeah if you're GONNA be like six months. Nah I was hanging out with me dude and his friends. They rented a house for the holidays. And we're up in the snow. And and somebody container bought a fucking container a red vines and I was like Oh man if I can keep myself from eating one. I'll be good but as soon as I pop that. Seal on my I just shovel them in disgusting tying them and not read the next day. And you're like is there no end to my humiliation. Oh I grew up like a block and a half from seven eleven and I used to go down there and fucking know this. I knew exactly what seven eleven target. Yeah I used to eat. I'd go by Red Vines and I wasn't home because I had braces and a comeback and it'd be like my mom's like you go to seven eleven. What are you talking? Yeah but I would say like one of the growth is foods that I'm like kind of ashamed that I like is I like Pineapple Eh my pizza but I like pine up and Black Olives to let me stop you right there. Shame should never enter the equation. Embrace it yeah. But I if you're ashamed. You're you're embedding. It doesn't stop me but I just know I call it in my brain when I ordered I call it a Bumblebee Pizza. As Blackie the pizza and is fucking delicious and I would never put in a cookbook or use any kind of recipes. Okay since we're talking about block all all those. Yeah this is very controversial especially in Texas tacos. Now Okay thank you thank you now and I love black. I know someone who listens to his podcast. It puts block all the TACOS and his blasphemy. Okay but I bet it looks like it's fucking store-bought hired TACO. Shell she says she. I'm not done fucking ground beef with like a poor envelope of Taco seasoning maximum than. It's fucking enshrouded. Cheddar cheese then is iceberg lettuce. Then it's fucking sour cream and black olives on top and they're like I'm a chef and I'm like you're White Matt. Let's go with that so it's GonNa say she issues. I know that this is like a generic white girl Taco. Yeah she owns it and she's like I don't know why the olives in it when I saw that I was like that's disgusting. We are not friends and also. Can you bring in someone listening.

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