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Well, this is interesting, You know, face masks. I don't know where you are, where you stand on them. If you're maybe wearing one right now is as I speak, but in any case As a corona virus pandemic continues. It's important to dispose of used personal protective gear properly and turns out more and more of these items are washing ashore on beaches across the globe. This is interesting information and probably won't hear it in the mass media, but experts say is threatening the world's oceans and marine life Scientific Journal Interview and environmental science and technology estimates. During the pandemic. Listen to this 129 billion that's with a B disposable facemasks are being used every month in the World Economic Forum has predicted that in terms of weight, there will be more plastic than fish in the oceans or in the world's oceans by 20 52,050, which is only 30 years from now, so Make sure you dispose of those single use masks and gloves properly. Gloves, of course, being largely plastic as well. Right? Well, that's s O much for facemask pollution that news for wine lovers. You might want to turn out if you're a wine connoisseur or similiar. Glass of wine. Today is not good for you. You might have seen this recent study new study. And Of course, it's not the first one. By any means. There's a string of studies on this that suggest even small amounts of alcohol might actually be hurting your health. Specifically your hearts, among other things. So is a study published in the European Heart Journal. They tracked over 100,000 participants and found that even people who drink a modest amount of alcohol like one drink a day at an increased risk of atrial fib. Relation, which is worn out and other previous studies and at the risk went up as participants drink more. In other words, 30% higher risk for two drinks. Almost 50% higher for four drinks on if you already have atrial fib relation that's insulting injury so, but it can cause or exacerbated the research is significant because it could Rule out once and for all that that one glass of wine a day is good for your heart. It's not fact it may be quite the opposite. The Mayport goes on to say that although atrial fibrillation is not heart failure, it can weaken the heart and lead to heart failure. So isn't that special so that one glass of wine today to protect your heart as is recommended in the late press you've seen it all over is not recommended in the medical press, or at least not the recent medical press and Course, If you want to rationalize or justify it, you can just bury your head in the sand and he drinking and, you know, hopefully Won't have Tonto Reap the consequences. But at least you were four warrant, so don't make a daily habit out of it. Just, you know, keep it for a special occasion. I mean, nothing is wrong with an occasional drink, But people think of an occasional drink as on Leah dinner. I only drinking that at night. You know they're you know, moderation is all over the map is first peoples. It's kind of like promiscuity. Right? This is it. Somebody that's promiscuous that someone who has more sex That you do, but along the same lines, you know, maybe somebody that's alcoholic is somebody that drinks more than you, I don't know. But that's the best analogy but so much for alcohol in moderation and keep keep it. It's like caffeine, caffeine, the most popular world's most popular psychoactive drug. It was, by the way, if it was discovered today it would be regulated because it has so many side effects, but because it Z Part of foods and so ingrained in our culture, But with caffeine. I mean, I You know, I've never had a cup of coffee before, but I occasionally indulged in of green tea or dark chocolate or something like that. But it's not in every day or several times a day Occurrence. It Z every now and then. And so, And actually, caffeine is Beneficial in that regard to where you don't become. You know, your body doesn't build up a tolerance to it. So make for athletic events, etcetera, so easy. All right, moving on the kind of myself boxer. Top 10 little known virus facts that you need to know. One is that shingles could raise your risk for stroke and heart attack. Singles is the virus that same virus that causes chickenpox. The carousel of zoster virus that analysis of more than 20. Years of research, published in the Public Library of Science, found that even one case of shingles associated with increased significantly increased risk brain and heart events. Also, let's see what else do we Oh, Here we go. Was it Rabies? Okay. Um, I was gonna save this one for the last one. Go off. Cover it now. You know, in spite of the fact that a few 100,000 people have died of the people, the virus that covered 19 virus Rabies is the most deadly virus known to man nearly 100% of people. Who get infected with Rabies die from it, making it the most lethal known virus. In fact, today, listen to this on Lee 14. People have survived the disease after showing symptoms and it's nearly 100% 100% preventable with the vaccine, according to the CDC. Now, even if you get the vaccine after infection if you get it soon enough The shots will work even after being exposed and to prevent infection. But you know, once you get once these symptoms air exhibited, It's very you know, it's nearly 100% fatal And if you can't touch your chin to your chest, call your doctor. Why would I say that? Well, a stiff sore neck is one of the first signs of Viral meningitis. That's a serious stillness that may follow exposure to many common viruses, including those that cause herpes or the flu, influenza and measles. Now, if you have cold or flu like symptoms that progress to a severe headache, light sensitivity Lethargy. Um, anyway, if If that's happening, and you have cold or flu like symptoms that progress just very heavy light sensitivity as well as lethargy. And next next, whose staff that you can't easily bend it forward. You want to call your doctor immediately because that could be a classic sign of viral meningitis. Also, you can get rid of one of the viruses that cause warts. The mean one that causes words with duct tape. It's the best it's the best remedy. And infection with the human papilloma virus, And when that causes words, the bombs are usually benign, and they go event away eventually on their own. But one home remedy that may speed up the healing time is covering them with duct tape. That's according to a study published in the journal American Medical Association pediatrics, researchers found that duct tape therapy as they call it was significantly more effective than cryotherapy. They're freezing off of the warts. Which is a common treatment for 40 addressing words, the HPV virus Now if you're overweight, very overweight, you need to be extra cautious because of these people are contagious. With the flu virus 42% longer than those who are not Toby's so Not only are they more susceptible, but they are also carriers..

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