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Welcomed. The passion project continues. My name is remedy robinson. I'm a linguist author. And i think it's going to be a good year for the roses and this. This is an appreciation. This is an exploration of linguistics language. And the fine line between comedy and murder as framed by the peerless. Poetry of the modern day. Master elvis costello. Today's slow drag is with. I hope you're happy now. From blood and chocolate released in nineteen eighty-six the songwriting is credited. Elvis costello the title itself is a cheerful reminder that this phrase is rarely if ever spoken in earnest. It's always are cast in scolding deployed at the worst time. Possible after someone else's done something wrong in this piece mr costello bins. The saying adds a couple of other familiar sayings to it and then rattles off a few unexpected scavenger hunt items to drive the point. Home is a fine figure of a man and handsome to with his eyes upon the secret places. He'd like to undo sale. He knows who knows who and wearing how. And i hope that you're happy now with what could easily pass for figurative expression. A fine figure of a man is nevertheless rooted in the concrete. A person in this case a man will appears to be big strong and physically attractive at in how he's handsome too. Well we're led to a madman. Someone who is one genetic lottery then if you take the entire line is a play on words as in. He's a fine figure of a man had some too. Well this first line keeps it both superficial and delightfully body. The delightful recurs in found in. Still he knows who knows who makes it sound like a riddle or dance steps as he professes to know that that person knows both wear. And how or maybe it is he who knows where in how but what exactly does he mean. It's a line that can be diagrammed several different ways and still not reveal. It's true intent this four line. I first anchors itself with an a b b structure of to an undue how and now as it positions the hook to appear each subsequent verse and. I hope you're happy. Now he's got all the things you need and some that you will never but you make him sound like frozen food. His level lasts forever. Still he knows what you want. And what you don't allow. And i hope that you're happy. Now as riders were always told that the word thing is a placeholder word. But in this case i'd say that the preeminent poet mr castello has nailed the picture to the wall quite well he has much more than you will ever have the pleasure of experiencing. He's far too good for you yet. Here you are making him sound like frozen food the line still he knows what you want and what you don't allow is a scattershot at innuendo calling back nicely to steal. He knows who knows who. And where and how. The lines are ten and twelve syllables long respectively and even rhyme with each other. And of course. And with and i hope that you are happy now. I hope you're happy now like you're supposed to be and i know that this will hurt you more than it hurts me further throwing this normally sarcastic phrase of. I hope you're happy now into a little more. Chaos is the declaration of how. It's the way you're supposed to be. This creates just enough disruption to linger over a familiar phrase just hit longer to muse about whether it is a good feeling or a bad feeling the next line another example of idiom busting asserts that it will hurt you more than it will hurt me as they say behind every joke there is a grain of truth so do you think the desire is that your supposed to be miserable. What sound so positive is pretty much dagger. He's acting innocent proud. Still you know what he's after like a matter door with his pork sword while we all die of laughter in his turquoise bahamas in motorcycle. Had i hope you're happy now because you'll soon put paid to that. I knew then what i know now. I never loved you anyhow. And i hope you're happy now. His another stellar verse with a rigid and rhyme structure. This time it expands to an aid. Bbc see structure with after in laughter thrown in which are particularly pleasing unfamiliar with bullfighting. As i am. I'd assume that a pork sword was a type of weapon. Used in the bullfighting ring as it turns out it wasn't very far off. It's a gentlemen's weapon all right. Mostly his penis. There's only one reason to die of laughter. Regarding this or so i would think oh so now. I understand this much better. It's amazing what you can learn when you do a slow drag with mr castells lyrics. The phrase put paid to is a british idiom that means to end or to destroy something completely irrevocably he which is happiness now because it will certainly be short lived. It's a brutal sentiment. Offered by charming words that seemed to cushion the blow. I need then what i know now. I never loved you anyhow. And i hope you're happy now..

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