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He hasn't played down tails naps. That's why i asked the question. I honestly don't know but i think it's exciting believe it or not. We do have a ton of northwestern fans that listen to this show and <hes> and it's just exciting to have a high level high level prospects such as hunter johnson playing quarterback. I watched a lot of north western football a few years ago with our powell roger sermon yeah and they've always been pretty good and despite that watching with roger was a lot of moments of like watching him sing. I hate everything everything. I hate everything to like the tune of super mario too so i i for his sake hope that this isn't a year that hundred johnson is is that town. We're like oh man. Northwestern's offense is dealing. Do it for lodger to it for rogers a good dude do it for after yeah. Okay i got i just i'm gonna ask you about indiana again. Let's go back to blooming tunnel. Let's do it okay. Who do we have left here. We got maryland rutgers. Okay hi. I'm pretty down on maryland okay i. I don't know if you are what is even five win. Somme seems kind of like a stretch coach. I i know they get josh jackson but was a five five plus when maryland team look like in two thousand nineteen right they were five and seven last year and they decided to go a a different direction at head football coach brought in michael oxley. He's from the area came over from alabama. <hes> knows the area well which is occurring curtain fantasy thing great thing great fantasy d._m._v. area knows the area well. You're going to hear it time and again here. Here's the problem that i see from maryland. I'll start with the schedule before november. They've got howard syracuse tough off game at temple penn state tough game at rutgers at purdue indiana and minnesota now that doesn't strike me as a cakewalk walk but it is supremely easier than their november were. They've got michigan at ohio state home against nebraska and at michigan state <hes> it's very possible they lose all for those games now they lose all four of those games and that means they gotta be acuse rutgers perdue indiana minnesota like there's just not a lot of wiggle room. There and i'm not sure how it happens if it happens. I like mike loxley. I i liked the fact that he's got a passion for coaching in this area i do you fell into the trap i do. I like it yeah. I liked that. He brings josh jackson over from virginia tech. He's most likely going to be the starter. I like anthony mcfarland. We talked about him in the dude watchlist a great freshman campaign but the wideouts are really young. They're all sophomores or redshirt sophomores off wars which is crazy. The offensive line has some experience but not a lot of depth and the defense last year couldn't generate generate any pressure now. They get a big boost shack. Smith is transferring over from clemson which opened some is but otherwise they just they got a lot to figure out out here and i don't know how they get to five wins could see a step back. I could see a foreign aid. I could see even three three and nine. What if mike loxley makes it super clear how much he likes coaching. That was the reason you gave for. Why maryland and is something to be excited about long-term <hes> yeah. I think we're on the same but okay longer term. The area is rich with talent. It's all yes. Yes pretty good players. There yeah and i remember we made the joke about randy. Etzel and randy edsall came down and took his dream job and that was one of the things that he highlighted he wanted to try and keep those kids caused home right. I don't know if they've been all that successful doing that. Mike loxley is a good recruiter and has been for awhile. Nosy aries got these pipelines. Hopefully that can bear some fruit for the terrapins okay. Do you have the those little headlines that are on the bottom of every website like the sponsored headlines..

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