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At the lake front it's sixty at midway at the page report this morning fifty seven degrees district two eleven is investigating a teacher at palatine high school who made a post its students and parents say is racist in the since deleted Facebook post requests that the equate to the term white privilege to the N. word she goes on to say people who think America is racist have been hoodwinked by the liberal establishment school officials responded to the post by denouncing racism and discrimination but current and former palatine high school students are calling on her to be fired here's palatine high school alum a Leah Holloway is in no relation the same as saying the N. word in batches shock me that she said that because it's not the same in a statement district eleven says in part they opened an investigation after learning about the social media posting that once it's completed all follow up with appropriate measures school district went on to say it in apologize for any hurt caused by the post says the comments by the teacher do not reflect the values or principles of the district three children reported missing in south shore found last night a thirteen year old girl the ten year old boy and a six year old girl were reported missing yesterday Chicago police canceled a missing persons report last night at about eleven officers have not provided any details Illinois Republican lawmakers are sharply criticizing governor Pritzker over his covert nineteen shut down in a series of tweets Republicans blasted the governor for marching with the George Floyd protesters a few days ago they called on the governor they called in to face for not following his own covert nineteen rules which banned gatherings of more than ten people governors defending his actions sometimes I go places and it's very difficult to get socially distance what an awful lot of people show up and I'm not gonna run away and especially at this moment it's important to express ourselves it's important to have the governor stand with them on issues that are important to the state some Republican state senators also sent a letter to the governor asking him to lift more covert nineteen restrictions they argue that neighboring states have already loosened their rules and the continued restrictions in Illinois.

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