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Wynette cownie and there are some similarities kind of but not really and it was really just the not not laughing at this is obviously tragic both of these murders but the only thing that's leading anybody to say this is a quote unquote serial killer first of all i. If i'm not mistaken been two deaths. Do not a serial killer make right. I think it requires at least three if you're correct and the original post Purporting or proposing the idea of a serial killer cited a third homicide in norcross which is north of the atlanta area on law enforcement Law enforcement debunked That third murder right. And as far as i can tell some of the initial lake A lot of this stuff was spread through viral. You know instagram stories. In reposted things like a twitter user by the name of baby face killa posted a screen shot saying apparently there's a serial killer on the loosen atlanta. This is so scary and then Like an exclamation mark triangle. Like a warning sign. This is very serious. You've all heard about the piedmont park murder shirley but now. Fbi stepping in on the case pointing to the possibility of a serial being on the loose nato and surrounding areas crime. Innate seattle is not uncommon but these are She was killed when the killer stayed for a while. Mutilating the body in very twisted ways trigger. Warning in this is definitely a trigger warning and then this this post goes on to describe some very specific. Grisly mutilations that supposedly were done to to this corpse Including things like slicing off body parts and eyelids and all of that and then reversed in their body. That was found in stone mountain. Which is a bedroom community of. Atlanta goes on to say the reason the only way of identifying the body of the piedmont where some tattoos is because of the gruesome sick way she was mutilated. Reports of another female body are coming in this morning from norcross. And that's the one you talked about so we know about multiple stab wounds. You know in the piedmont park incidents but none of the mutilations that are being described have been confirmed by police. Ben if what what else have you read. And what if anything are connecting these three cases and is it really just internet hearsay and people trying to spread. Then there there are some other tweets to that are saying similar things again I mentioned on this week's a strange new segment heart of the issue goes to very well intention tendencies toward pattern recognition which after after a certain threshold become pattern creation. Obviously people are frightened Piedmont park has had its share of crime over the years. But i believe according to official sources. This is the first homicide in the park in more than a decade. The the story itself grabbed a lot of people's attention because this is This is a part of the this part of the city that is considered a walkable. You know people pay a premium to live there and walking. Your dog park is something that anybody should be able to do safely The idea of mutilation. I haven't been able to confirm yet a but the police did describe the scene of the crime as gruesome. They did confirm it was A matter of multiple stab wounds at least in the case of catherine janice also also unfortunately cameras in the area including cameras at the entrance. Piedmont park where apparently not working at the time which adds further Further speculation here and people are looking for answers. At this point we have to admit that Multiple homicides per year do occur in atlanta as well as in many other major metropolitan areas in the united states. The family this survivors of janice laying tori laying. Being the person who as you said was also murdered in stone mountain. They find these rumors. Disheartening i if the if well intentioned but what we also see here is the. There's a part of that post. I really appreciate you. Reading a regarding the fbi's involvement at this point. It looks like it looks like local police In gwinnett county and in fulton are saying there's no connection between the murders and it looks like they're also They're also stating that. There is no compelling evidence of a serial killer operating at this time but but this gets back into the idea of true crime and how important is for us to to have as many facts at hand as possible before making statements like this because serial killers are a relatively rare phenomena. Despite what hollywood would have us believe and Whether or not there was a a single assailant involved here the fact of the matter is that these women are dead and there needs to be moved to bring these folks to justice so while it may it may make people more likely to pay attention to a story if they believe there is a serial killer of foot the the hard fact of the matter is that someone multiple people probably committed murder. They got away and we don't know When or how old they will be apprehended. And there's a good argument to be made. I would say knoll that anything that brings more awareness to this is helpful. More people are alert. More people are thinking twice about their personal safety. But also i don't know man i'm on. I'm concerned about this. Because i wonder. Do you feel like this moves into the realm of exploitation or is this just simply people reposting news with the best intentions talking about these specific Injuries that appear to have been just pulled from like imagination of someone who's maybe watched one too many saw movies That to me is Exploitation give Is a way of getting off by watching people freak out you know of of rumor-mongering and feeling like it's some kind of like you know power move or something you know unless unless there's something that they don't want us to know at the at the end okay. The fbi is involved but that can mean a lot of things. I will say that is a little bit suspicious because typically we've got the georgia bureau of investigation and if it wasn't something more serious the gbi i would probably be handling it but again if unless there really is someone covering up any details about these These mutilations it surely does feel like that someone that just kind of getting sick thrill out of freaking people out but who knows you know. I mean it's very similar to posts..

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