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It's just that clemson's next level dominant against the run even without Dextra Lawrence. I mean, like, you know, heading into the Notre Dame game you were thinking, well, you know, without you know, and you know, now they're going against extra Williams who's had like. Bunch of games in a Rosen's. He came back from suspension like maybe they could do something. No. You know, they didn't do anything. You know? I forgot if it was like thirty five rushing attempts for like eighty five yards total. I think I think extra got held in the low fifty Dextra Williams got held in the low fifties. So I just don't think that Alabama's gonna be able to get much going on the ground for for me if I'm going into this game. Like if I'm Nick Sabin. What I wanna do initially is be extremely aggressive from the jump, you know, in in in terms of passing passing passing. And I'm basically trying to figure out, you know, like sometimes I think these matchups like in a match up, you know, and like the different skill sets. And and what would be the way that the fighters would go in if the other fighter like had this Pacific skill in this specific weakness and whatnot. And you know for for this game what you're trying to identify like if if you're on the Alabama side is we're exactly in that Clemson secondary. What can we start to pick on you know, how can I if I'm Nick Sabin? How can I play Lincoln Riley from from less? You know? Saturday, or whatever how can how can I find the Patrick, sir? Take on on the other team that that I can pick on in coverage. And that's what I'm trying to figure out. I I if I'm them. I don't really try to run a ton initially, you know, outside of just keeping people off to to because I I don't think it's going to be very effective. As is. I I think it's just gonna be wasting downs. More or less. All right. Let's look at this from the other side. Then I mean, obviously, it sounds like he's the Alabama is going to have some issues with this Clemson defense. And certainly there's a strong statistical profile Anderson outright talent profile for the Clemson defense. What about this Clemson offense against the Alabama defense? How do you feel that stacks up? Oh, man. It's it's another really interesting handicap, it's I I think they match up. Okay. The the Clemson offense. Here's what I like. Okay. Clemson's offense can be more balanced going in like period, right like because Clinton's defensive line is that Trump card against Alabama run game. So so Alabama if Alabama is not affecting sorry. If Alabama is not affectively passing especially early on. I don't know that they can win this game. Like, they're passing it needs to be awesome. Whereas with with Clemson they can do both because Alabama's defense does not have that Trump card. I mean, I suppose someone out there could be screaming what about quinoa? And and what about the, you know, you know, rake on or whatever and in the middle. Alabama's got awesome defensive tackles quitting Williams is. I mean, he might be the best player in the nation. You know, just you know, irregardless of everything else. He probably the best player on Alabama's team started the two supporters. He's starting everything. But Alabama's defense this year. It's not the same. You know, lashes Alabama team that that that one time. Title, basically to me they were like ninety five percent of this Clemson team that Alabama team was number one in the nation in essence plus defense and their offense was in the twenties. Well, clemson's, you know, one defense this year and their offense is five. So that's he was a little bit down. But you know, this team is is different. Right. And and so it's you know, it just causes different things, you know, as far as the match ups go..

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