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Radio K. L. B. J, like Travis School District is getting the ball rolling to form its own, Police Department Superintendent Paul Norton says. Because of the size of the district and its continued growth, the school board feels this is the best course, looking at how we can best serve the safety needs of our staff and our students. That is our opinion that the best thing that we can do is to create our own police department, like Travis is budgeting $940,000 to get that department up and running. The district's contract with Travis can For three deputies who currently patrol the schools will expire in July. Frontline health workers are typically considered to be physicians and nurses working directly with covert patients. But the Texas Dental Association makes the case that they're at risk as well. Dr Matt Roberts says no amount of screening Congar Rinty, Their patients are not infected. We do work. In close proximity to the oral cavity where the virus can reside. It's good for us to be in that front line if you will of vaccination folks, so that's what we're open. For. The likelihood is that dentist will be part of that second round. Arson investigators are looking into allegations that a homeless camp was intentionally burned. Austin Fire Department captain Brandon Jennings says witnesses saw two women go to a gas station near 1, 83 and McNeil. They bought gasoline doused to 10 and then set it on fire. Higher, Jennings says. Luckily, no one was hurt. These two individuals were involved in a previous altercation with some people over there a verbal one no physical stuff at that time. The Jennings says he does not believe the two women were.

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