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Are you make your my best when I'm just like hey you stuttered people like she's a bit also so we don't have like Nice soft voices and that's a good point. Our voices come off like they just sound my whole life but they just sound like bad. I mean what we say we look great today. You do sometimes come bitchy. I always just assume I'm being sensitive. I've been told that my home. I don't think you're trying to be Veggie and this is why we've had concentrated talk just my personality. That's what it sound like. I'm GonNa tell you. There are times though. I also think it's it's funny like you'll just be like I'll say something and you'll be okay. Okay see that would that has hurt my feelings before well because I'm not gonNA argue with you. You're enjoying but I don't think you're trying trying to be mean no high sound my voice in it stuck in perpetual puberty. It's not deep. It's not how it's what sounds like. My thing is if I'm going to be bitchy didn't you so you'll know. Yeah that's yeah then you think. Yeah because you wouldn't like I have all I was so impressed when you do the meet-and-greet after your show you were so involved with the people that were talking to you know that there's a skill like to be like the man I will not. I'm at a point in my life where I will not fake anything thing and I say anything I will not take anything at this point in my life and if someone comes to my show but to me just listening to someone making eye contact with them. I'm not like That is like so much weird. My Phillip I people write me Nice messages now and I'll be like thank you and sound an i. Just I made the mistake of saying out loud but I feel like I sound bitchy and so now they are. They'll be like they'll be like. Oh you're doing that thing where US three you say. Thank you like a bitch and I'm like that's what it's hard to think. Thank you without being seeming seeming patronizing Django. What do you might need a new word because I say thank you so much? That's what I do me too. I just now have to go. I really appreciate it. Thank you is over. Thank his out. You can't say it going. No don't do that. I think I love your show that looks like a tech. We already have too many going against us at this point but I do think that thank you has now oh hit peak sardonic you know. It's like the words genius. Have Larry those who lost their value. I think they should. We say I appreciate that. I much appreciate you coming. How would you say that I appreciate that when someone says like great saddle? I appreciate that. That doesn't feel genuine to me. Well now saying it to try to prove how genuine it is now. It's coming off shitty good set. Read think about this. You don't say bad. Thank you thank you so much. It's hard thank you. It's hard to be grateful without some of the thinking you're an asshole it's all it's so weird. Think you if you say things as he thinks thanks thank you thanks. I said something the other your day. They came off so shitty. I was in this really big meeting and this girl had gotten a promotion and I didn't WanNa say good for you because I didn't want to sound patronizing Bravo. It sounded really weird. Top of the morning. She's literally hung no great Gert. Good job like it's sounds so I she looked at me. Weird you magic. I got my dream job. Bravo that's set. It was like Bravo. Great like what like. It was like a member and dirty dancing that I carry watermelon moment. I was just like back. Bravo says that like haunted me for the rest of the day. But then good for you. That sounds patronizing like never would've done it. That's what good for. You means shocked. Yeah yeah well you did it that I'm proud of. You never thought you could accomplish this. That's impressive I say that's really impressive. That's impressive happy. Happy for you. I didn't know her. I don't know her. I wish we could send it to people. I love yourself happy for you say nothing. Yeah that's awesome awesome just to cool. That's super cool. Intense eye. Contact nodding. Don't do that now. Wow when someone gets a promotion when you say I got got promoted. I knew it I knew you would. That's such a good one. That's when you tell people it's no surprise there. Yeah also it takes the holy coming to hear about it out of it you want to look good and they want to be a guy went to the meeting and I went to the store. Okay Hey you got it got it. That's funny I knew you would say no more. That's like say no more. That's a great way to stop someone from telling you the story but also being happy for them right. This is going on too long. I'm not editing this part we we need to talk about the fact that someone left comment telling us that Marilyn Monroe's ex-husband is buried face down on top of her grave. I started a fire with Marilyn Monroe Brandt so hugh hefner's buried next Monroe and now someone has written in and said that Cajon Dimaggio is buried above her so she's getting in like a the other ex husband Goblin throttle puncher. That's where it is. Oh Oh this makes so szucs Greenland pitcher. Oh that's the one she looks great in There's little that's so interesting because I got a ton of tweets today saying that name Richard Shirt Punch. Her and I didn't understand what was happening. I thought it was a new person like entered the Democratic race is leave me out of this show. I had no idea who was that makes them so. He brought the grave plot above her even though she married a bunch of men after him. What a desperate dead guy who buried face down on her his skull? Oh you mean. He's buried if laying on her looking at her wide. You guys dead guys are so gross so Marilyn L.. Monroe has her first husband on top of her facing down and Hugh hefner buried next to her. This woman is just being gang. Banged by these old. Ask goblins uh-huh every night. I'm telling you gotta dig her up. I stand by this. This is my room. This is my mission in life is to dig up. Marilyn Monroe's Rose Bounds will adopt them. You have a yard all area them. I can set up a locker. We can have in the pod studio like we can even put her bones back together. Maybe I yeah I can do that. Promptly Eckermann Michael Glue and we can put her back together But I refused used to allow Maryland. What can we do to kick start are going to get her bones? Can you Producers meaning to kickstarter who owns someone's bones. Their family is that true so her but they're dead so her she didn't have any kids who owns Marilyn Monroe's bones. We probably would Hollywood for sure. It's definitely Oh okay. Yeah I did just at the table. Okay I'm GonNa work on that. We need to get me Mitts like you know how people insane asylum little all right so someone right in. Tell us who owns Marilyn Monroe's bowes I'm interested in purchasing them. We are going to raise money to buy Some people have fancy cars fancy jewelry. Not this guy I would like to figure out a way to acquire Marilyn Monroe's bones help us out will send you a collarbone. No you're going to get like an ear lobe. You'd think there's I don't know if she cremated file cabinet though. I mean. They're like they're like a fancy morgue. Why aren't they in the crowd? Because then you can't like album. This is dirt people WANNA go. Oh but I would imagine. Oh it's called my producers saying it's called a mausoleum but are they doing it so the people go dig her up. Maybe maybe they've been through this with people like me. Maybe not the first person to try to dig her out. Go like in watch movies at graveyard like with them I don't know that is you're in a weird red at some read it. I don't want to know anything about but okay so more to come on the bones I'm not sure how this became my brand My main what do you call it like my. What's the thing when you have your thing your your? This is your hill to die on. Because they help. I'm GONNA die on. That's exactly right phoebe Robinson's here. She's an author. She has million podcast so many white guys to Queens movies TV shooting her TV. TV show tomorrow actually. phoebe Robinson. She's here she's a treat. She's so funny and so smart and I'm actually excited about this interview because I know her really well all but we haven't known each other that long so I actually am am not nervous but also have a lot of really good questions a lot of really good questions. We've been talking about everything that's trash trash. Someone just cut us off y'all cart so I feel like we're very close strangers like I think there's this thing though when there's someone that you've known for a while or you watch their work you've really close to them and we met in kind of a weird way like you posted something on instagram. And I was just like facetime. Yeah I forced this regime no it was so great and I feel like we will not see each other for months and then we always catch up on your Tesla for about four hours. Yeah you know. We're always at your test that just being like this. Is the mother the funding we get to it though. I think that to me is the most valuable kind of friendship where you cannot connect with somebody for two months but when you see each other you go hard there yeah formalities. I mean. Remember last time when we're at the Beverly Wilshire 'cause I stayed because I'm a boozy bitch and you earn the there. Are All these ridiculously looking gene. Like old white guys like very orange skinned as it was fucking wild. I'm like why am I staying year. Stay at a Holiday Inn. It's be much less creepy. It was fucking. Yeah but no. We did sit in the car once and talk for four hours. Yes it was like. Are we going to make out was about happen. Ooh Valley's come up and they're like you guys gonNA over. He's got more to cover to cover like fifteen years of us both being in this business. Yeah yeah in like four hours. Oh my gosh. There's a lot I don't know about you and we do a little quiz on this. Show your favorite animal your favorite article of clothing clothing and your favorite body of water. People listening to the show are telling me not to help. The guest Benton gave me the feedback loud and clear and all the comments your favorite animal. Aw Not like the one that you have or have had like the one you admire the most just to give you an idea I ping honey badger yet. Don't really speak Jacob animals kind of over so this really don't and that she's wearing for those of you that are gonNA see on Youtube. She's wearing a Cheetah shirt that I actually have almost two years ago. Oh homage you whatever you want. Time's up on people telling you say we. It really is bringing me a lot of joy I mean I wanNA look. Maybe one of the nicer things anyone's ever done for me war. She's that I I. I don't look at anyone else's style but my own shadow terrail great buttoned-down I love sponsoring no because I only wear rails shorts. I mean Justin beaver bold where rails I swear to God will send me Spanos. It'd be like where's this shirt. Is it the dry cleaner or not. If I can't find one of my rails I have a Pan Am so you have four more so I have I buy duplicates. 'cause I'm so afraid I something fits and works. I buy two or three of them and then I can't find I panic screaming. We're by the way doesn't work for me. Anyway is not my decision anymore. So it's just like this weird friendship on my shirt. I don't live if there. I'm sorry you don't think of animals that much but one that you admire takes your breath away Oh you know when I was in Africa that sounded really know. You know when I was on as a fiery with some white people as you you. Yeah I was in Zambia and we saw just baby elephants just crossing the road and it was the cutest little thing that'd be following their mom around so I thought that was really case..

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